12 Reasons I Love My Boy

Sunday was my son’s birthday.


In this whirlwind of a weekend, we threw him a party on Saturday and went into NYC to visit my uncle, Wayne the Pain on Sunday.

Late on Saturday night, I handed my son a card.  aghast, my daughter exclaimed, “You didn’t get him a present?”

“It’s ok.”  FringeBoy said.

My son is superdy-duperdy.  If he didn’t get a gift, it would be ok.  He’s amazing like that.

The card read…

Hope you love this card

(open the card)

because it’s all you’re getting!

We all had a good laugh and then went to bed.  Seriously.  I did not redeem myself and give him a present.

His birthday was on Sunday people, not Saturday!

The moment he woke up on Sunday, I handed him his present, the 50th Anniversary edition of the Lord of The Rings, the complete series.  He was happy, because he loves to read, and because the card was not the only thing I gave him.

Now my baby, my firstborn, the child who made me unrecognizable to people who knew me, is twelve.


That’s one year away from being a teenager!  I’m already getting more gray hairs just thinking about it.

Twelve things I love about FringeBoy:

1.  He is compassionate.  To everyone.

2.  He is so responsible that I never worry he’ll oversleep and not wake up on-time for school.  I worry I’ll oversleep.

3.  He loves us.  For reals.

4.  He remembered the one thing I really, really wanted for Christmas and made sure he bought it for me.  It’s one of those candle warmer thingies where you melt the wax in the little plate.  I adore it, and think thankful thoughts every time I look at it, or smell it.  It’s a small example of how he cares about his family.

5.  He’s way smarter than me.  Enough said.

6.  He loves to read and he enjoys reading with me.  We each make camp on one side of the couch and read page and after page after page.  We are mother and son nerds.

7.  He lets me cut his hair even though I sometimes mess it up.

8.  He wants his friends to know about God, so he tells them.

9.  He’s witty.

10.  He’s a hugger.

11.  He told his Awana leaders that I make really good pizza and cake.  That earned him an extra-large slice of pizza and cake.

12.  He is the most loving, caring, and intelligent child I know.

FringeBoy, twelve years ago, God blessed us with you.  Although our first year together was sleepless and bit strained due to utter exhaustion, I’m glad we didn’t give up on understanding each other.

God answered my first prayer for you – “Please let him sleep tonight.  Please, please, PLEASE!”

As you grow, my prayers for you have changed, but God continues to answer them.  I am proud of the young man you are becoming.  I am a blessed mother.

I love you, today and always.

Your sometimes pesky mommy,


  1. He is a special young man. He is kind and thoughtful, smart and witty and he still hugs this ole grandmother!!!

  2. You are one lucky Mom but somehow I think you deserve it!! :)

  3. sounds to me like he’s a keeper! i mean, seriously, when he starts driving and you want to sell him to the highest bidder because he costs to much – just remember: he’s a keeper! LOL

    ;-D Happy late birthday FringeBoy!!!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful boy….

  5. Aww! So sweet. Happy Birthday to your awesome son!

  6. Great post. It is amazing how children change our lives.

  7. very sweet!

  8. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your son! And if it makes you feel any better I truly loved the teen years. Maybe not every minute but overall they were happy years.

  9. Happy Birthday FringeBoy!!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!!!!

  10. I love this! Love the idea of a thing for each year of his life! Cute! Happy, Happy birthday to your sweetie pie! :) Sounds like you’ve got a little soulmate, there!

  11. Such a sweet post and he sounds like a great kid! Happy Birthday Fringeboy and I pray you always stay close to the Lord (and your mama)!!

  12. oops Fringeboy!

  13. What a great son! What a wonderful mother! Happy Birthday Fingeboy! :)

  14. Fringe boy sounds like such a special kid who’s absorbing your love and lessons and putting them into practice. Is so enjoy reading gushy lovey essays from moms who so obviously adore their children.

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