Red Cross Moma

Meet my mother.

Oh (Big, Big, Long Sigh), I can tell so many stories (I’m sure I will).  Maybe I can incorporate a monthly “spotlight” devoted to my mother.  A good daughter would do that for dear old mom.  Well, she’s not old, definitely not.  She likes to think of herself as my sister, equal in age.  Of course that would make her grandchildren her niece and nephew, my brother her brother…I think she’s going to run into problems living in this “younger” realm she’s created.

No worries.  She’s become a member of the Red Cross.  I salute you mom!  Soon you’ll be traveling to disease ridden, war-torn parts of our world carrying life sustaining water to those in need.  You deserve to be commended for your selfless devotion to friends, fellow countrymen, and strangers.

It’s funny, you would think my dear mother would be eager to lace up her boots and jump in the trenches of human relief efforts going on worldwide, but my mom (unfortunately) is focusing on the perks.

I suppose it’s human nature.  What’s in it for me and all.

As I’m talking to my mom on the phone tonight, she got all excited when she started mentioning the Red Cross.  The mere words “R-e-d C-r-o-s-s” brought vigor to her spirit, a lilt to her voice.  She enthusiastically said, “I can carry a card!”

Well folks, just when you thought life couldn’t get any more exciting, it does.

Not only does she have a “card” to spontaneously flip out at unsuspecting cashiers, toll booth attendants, and gas station clerks, but (brace yourselves) she gets to use a Red Cross bathroom anyplace she goes.

Immediately I perk right up.  A Red Cross bathroom, now that would be advantageous.  They must even stock toilet paper in those.

Yes, she goes on to say, “If I’m in the City (NY City) I can use any Red Cross bathroom I want just by showing my card.”  This card even works at bathrooms worldwide…London was a viable option to relieve herself tonight.

Please consider signing up for the Red Cross, join in this great humanitarian effort, and use well-stocked bathrooms worldwide.

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