He tied the string around my heart.

Sunday afternoon

in the calm moments between

day of church, fun, play, Awana

and the “rest,”

my son walked into the kitchen.

With arms finding my middle,

he looked up with blue eyes of crystal

and said,

“You’re beautiful.

Have I told you that?”

Suddenly I forgot

why I grounded him on Saturday.

With his arms around me and

blue crystals locked in my brown ambers,

all shone perfectly clear in my world.

I received the sweetest gift

a girl could be given.


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13 thoughts on “He tied the string around my heart.

  1. Awwww! Sweet, sweet boy. My kids used to do stuff like that, too. Except, they’d come up to me, put their arms around me, look up at me with their bloodshot eyes, and say, “Did you realize you have hair growing out of your nostrils?”

  2. good for him! i hear a great daddy role-model coming through those words. go daddy – show that young man how to love a woman! i bet you gave him a big ‘ol squeeze and kiss after that – hope you’re totally recovered from your migraine – praying for you and your family !

  3. You can go a loooong way on sweetness like that, can’t you? Glad to have found your blog through Megan @ Faith like Mustard. You crack me up and I’m all about cracking up.

  4. This post makes my heart melt. However, as the mother of five boys, I’m also pragmatic. Did HE remember why you grounded him Saturday? : )

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