Put a Hat on It and Call it Fashion

So I’ve noticed that for the past week, I’ve been blogging in this one-sided conversational style in which I talk about nothing significant, important, or helpful.  I’m basically a chatter-box with a keyboard.

Sorry if you were hoping for a few deep posts.  I won’t be imparting any spiritual truths or life’s lessons this week.  There’s a part of me that wants to, I just can’t make words fit what’s rumbling around inside of me.  And no! It’s not last night’s dinner that’s rumbling.

Today, since it’s freezing, I am going to give you visual documentation of true hat love.  My kids seem to have developed an infatuation with head coverings, not the ordinary knit cap with a pom-pom on top, but the unusual, inventive, and often odd (only a kid could get away with it) type hat.

Example #1

The pink I’m down with the flower-power crochet skull-cap.

Example #2

The I wish you would buy me a horse and let me move to Texas cowgirl hat.

Example #3

The don’t let me go in the woods unattended because I eat gross foods and can be mistaken for a new species of zebra-striped bear hat.

Example #4

The I will take apart everything in the house with moving parts and steal batteries from my mother’s camera so I can invent something hat.

Example #5

The exotic bird lover’s hat that only a Do-Do bird with a pet eagle puppet would wear hat.

I feel like I should worry about their future fashion choices, but I don’t feel qualified to help them look more mainstream, especially after catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realizing I look like a cross between a thrift-store mannequin and a New England liberal arts professor.

Send Stacey and Clinton ASAP!

Tell me you and your children sometimes wear freakish outfits too?  Please.

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7 thoughts on “Put a Hat on It and Call it Fashion

  1. The problem with wearing the hat is not in the wearing but in the removal of said hat and the subsequent hat head hairdo that keeps such fashionable items off my head.

    P.S. I love your random chatter and the other stuff too.

  2. Morgan Freeman said, “Let your freak flag fly” in a commercial once. It was great.

    I’ve always wanted to wear hats but never thought I could pull it off. Seeing that zebra bear hat, I’m reconsidering. :-)

  3. When I put a hat on something…I call it Cat Daddy!
    I think your children may have watched a little too much “Grey Gardens”!!!
    Love ‘em all…and the hats.
    P.S. You could just ship that cute little cowgirl down here to me.

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