31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 22 – Faith in Crisis

Source: jesustotheworld.tumblr.com via Tricia on Pinterest

Yesterday my father-in-law was in a very serious car accident.  He was air-lifted to the hospital and he is not doing well.

He has several broken vertebra, broken ribs, internal bleeding, and a collapsed lung.  The doctors are doing everything they can for him, but he needs prayers.

Please, if you can, take a moment and pray for him and his family.

Faith in crisis is trusting that God has everything under control.  That He can take bad things and work them out for good.  It is feeling His comfort, love, and strength during the hard times.

Living by faith is for days filled with sunshine and flowers, and for days filled with darkness and rain.

We appreciate your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes.

If you are new to The Domestic Fringe, we are hosting a 31 day series on Living by Faith.  You are welcome to read each day’s story HERE.

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