31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 3 – Choosing Faith

covreed bridge with kids playing underneath in park.

Early one afternoon, a black Jeep pulled into my driveway.  I thought it was my sister-in-law.  Assuming she’d gotten out of work early, I jumped up, excited over the unexpected visit, and ran to the door just as a middle-aged man stepped from the Jeep.  He wore a green Albertson’s shirt.

Suspiciously I opened the door and stepped across the threshold.

“Hi,” said the young man.  “Someone called our store last night and ordered $100 worth of groceries.  They asked me to deliver them.  Can I bring them in?”

Can You Bring Them In????

My surprised brain screamed this question.  Thoughts of relief, love, and appreciation swam wildly through my mind.  With tears beginning to trickle down my face and my voice filling with a chuckle, I managed to say “Of course.  Thank you!”

After lugging in my groceries, the happy Albertson’s man assured me that the person who purchased two weeks worth of groceries for my family had no desire to be revealed.  He was sworn to secrecy.

I already knew…it was God.

The previous afternoon, I packed my two preschool age children into the car and began my trek to Wall-Mart.  I was armed with my last ten dollars, but was scheming a way to purchase fifty dollars worth of groceries.

My husband was a full-time student in Bible college, on his way to becoming a pastor.  He and I were both working, but our family was in a personal economic crises.  We were doing God’s will, obeying His Word, and yet life had become a daily struggle.

On that ride to Wall-Mart, God reminded me that He is my father and will not only provide for my every need, but WANTED to provide if I would just give Him opportunity.

An audio sermon my friend had loaned me played repeatedly in my mind.  The message:  we must have faith, because God is our provider, and we rob God of the opportunity to provide for us when we run out and use credit.

This message plagued me.  I could not escape the thought that I was disobeying God with my lack of faith.

If only I could silence conviction like I could silence my radio!

It was almost as if the Lord were speaking to me audibly.  My senses were so in-tune with the Spirit that I had to turn the car around and go home.  This was my crossroad.  Either I would obey the Spirit or choose to provide for myself, even if my own provisions were inadequate.

I pulled into the nearest parking lot to make a u-turn, and my son began his endless flow of questions.

“I thought we were going to Wal-Mart…what are we going to eat for dinner…why are we turning around…I want my free Wal-Mart cookie.”

How could I explain the lesson God was teaching me about faith?

I did not even try.

I did, however, choose to obey God, and without coincidence, the very next afternoon the Lord sent the groceries to my home.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  ~ Hebrews 11:1

I am learning that faith is often a choice.

Am I going to choose to trust Christ and take God at His word or am I going to rely on myself, my government, and those things that are tangible?

My life in Christ is becoming a walk of faith, completely trusting the only one who is completely trustworthy.  God is teaching me that ”without faith it is impossible to please him.” (Hebrews 11:6)

In this day of economic turmoil, global financial crisis, and personal loss, I know  God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  I know He will provide for my present and future, because I have seen Him provide in my past.  I know that when my faith is small and I doubt my own ability to trust, I must simply choose to obey.

I must choose to believe God.


Are you at a crossroad, a place where you need God to provide?

Will you choose faith?



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    These right here? These are the stories of Faith Filled Living that rev me up! They remind me that God is always present – always – even when the Faith we think we’re holding onto feels like nothing more than a single silky thread of hair from our heads. So very glad you are doing this 31 Days of Faith. So very glad!

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    I am really enjoying your series!! I know it’s a little more work than normal but it’s great and well worth it. You had no reason to be nervous!! Keep it up. I’m reading every day, :)

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    That is an amazing story. I must admit my faith wavers in this area, though at least with regard to my life’s path I’m listening and having faith. Powerful post.

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    I love this story! Many, many years ago, I found a bag full of fresh vegetables on the front porch, when it was 3 days until payday and there was quite literally no food in the house. I still do not know where it came from. Right now, I am dealing with a child…who isn’t a child anymore. I keep giving him and the situation to God, then grabbing it, and him, back because I am scared and blind to what God is doing.

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    What a wonderful story! My father said many things daily and one of them was, “Give us our daily bread” and at times through my haphazardous journey -more of hazardous that hap – I would repeat that and He never failed me. It amazed me sometimes but never failed.

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