Four More Years & I’m Walking on The Moon


My baby boy is in high school. Tonight was orientation.  The kids got the generic “Do your best and be good.” lecture, and the parents got to run through the halls after their children, waving to teachers as they passed each classroom’s door.  It was loads of fun. I felt really old, maybe for the […]

In A FringeField Far Away

Charlotte the bunny

…rests a little bunny named Charlotte McFluffypants. We don’t all agree on the McFluffypants surname, but my daughter insists. Charlotte was a very social bunny.  She came when I called, loved to be petted, and ate twice her body weight in food morning and night.  She begged for “snacks” the rest of the day.  When […]

Summer’s Creepers

Minecraft Creeper

We’ve got a creeper in town, and he’s not anywhere near as cool as the Minecraft Creepers. The kids began talking about him at summer’s start. “He stares at us.” “He looks creepy.” “The music…it’s evil.” Our creeper happens to be the ice-cream man.  He drives around town and children hide behind their mammas. In […]

Work, A Child’s Perspective

Polka Dot Wall - A Kid's Perspective

My daughter sat on my bed last night while I was perched on top of a ladder affixing gold dots on my wall.  After a few minutes, she said, “You’re a workaholic.” I immediately thought that for a workaholic, I sure don’t get enough done! Maybe that’s a sign I am a workaholic.  Ha! She […]

Shoe Crush

I Love Shoes - Fall Shoe Crushes @

  Top Left & Left Middle: Dansko Top Right & Bottom Left and Right:  Mel by Melissa Middle Right:  Sperry Boots   I’m totally crushing on these shoes for fall.  I mean, they are cute, right??? The days of wearing $20 shoes are over for me.  I guess that’s the real sign that I’m aging.  […]

Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Top Left:  DIY Tree Slab Side Table – You guys, I’m making two of these for our nightstands.  Won’t that be cute?  Except, I’m thinking about removing the bark from the edges and painting the edges a color and then staining and clear-coating the top. Bottom Left:  Gold Polka-Dot Wall – sent me a […]

Golden Gun Racks & Priomordial Blobs

Little Yellow Flowers

I feel like I took a forever long blog break, but I really needed it.  For me, it was more of a mental break than anything else.  I tried to figure out some junk going on in my head, but that didn’t really work, so I’ve decided to just let it all go.  I’m not […]

Beauty & Allergies – Tips & Tricks

Zyrtec - Allergy Face

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®. Allergy is my middle name.  Seriously, if there is ever anything wrong with me, nine times out of ten, it’s caused by allergies.  I’m not even talking about the obvious allergy symptoms like sneezing, watering eyes, and a scratchy throat.  Allergies can cause […]

Reading List


Last summer I curated a reading list and I absolutely loved my selections.  I still recommend the books I read last summer. Lately, I haven’t been reading much.  Actually, I’ve been reading a lot, but I either start a book I never finish, or I read a book I don’t love.  Here’s the problem.  I […]

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dream Kids

I’m one of those people who love having people over.  It’s just fun. If you’re a first-timer to my house, I try and go the extra mile.  You know, I break out a dust rag.  If you’ve been to my house before, the only thing I can guarantee is that there will be dust, and […]

Something New

When was the last time you tried something new?

When was the last time you tried something new? That question, and versions of that questions (When was the last time you did something new?), have been playing on repeat in my brain. I first encountered the question on Facebook.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember who posted it or why, but the question itself made an […]

Memorial Day Fishing


A big giant Thank You to all the men and women who have served, protected, and fought for our country through the years.  We are grateful.

Psychedelic Owls

Psychedelic Owls

Yesterday was the kind of day where you keep the shades drawn and stay in your pajamas from morning till night.  Only, I opened the curtains, because it felt gloomy with them closed, and I got dress, but I let three-quarters of the day pass before I did that. While it down-poured outside, I could […]


I started this blog in fall of 2008.  It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for that long, but here we are five and half years later. That’s a long time for bloggers to stick around, a looooong time. Lately, The Domestic Fringe has been going through a mid-life crisis, or maybe it’s just me. […]

Friday Chats: Laugh Out Loud

Wallace & Gromit

There’s so much to chat about, I’m going to have to use subheadings! Laugh Out Loud I have funny friends.  When we converse in the morning, things get a little wonky from time to time.  It takes a bit for our caffeine to kick in. This morning’s facebook chat was no exception. Now, my friend […]

Cafe Mocha Frappuccino Recipe

Cafe Mocha Frappuccino Recipe with Carnation Breakfast Essentials - a Quick & Easy Breakfast

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Nestle, but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #BreakfastEssentials Mornings are hard.  Getting out of the door, on time, with the kids dressed and fed, homework done and signed, and the dog walked is a challenge requiring […]