A Cake Pop to Celebrate Ten Years

Can Christmas really be over already?

It doesn’t seem possible, especially because I still have shards of holiday wrapping paper ground into my living room carpet.  I’ll be honest with you.  This Christmas sorta blew past me while I vegetated on the couch for two days.  There’s not a lot I remember.

I do remember my son standing over my husband at four in the morning and scaring the bageebees outta him.

I do remember a trip to the ER on Christmas Eve because I couldn’t stand one more minute of my migraine.

I do remember a post-drugged hangover the hospital sent me home with.


I do remember losing a game of Scrabble.

There aren’t even pictures to commemorate the happy day.  I’ll certainly have to make up for it next year.

Get your smiles ready family.  I’m using a flash!

Today is FringeKid’s tenth birthday.  I’m kinda-sorta in shock.  My baby is ten!  When did I get so old?  In another month my oldest will be 12.  Huh?

I know I’m bad at math, but these numbers don’t seem to add up.  Sometimes I have to remind myself just how old I actually am, and I hate those reminders.

Here are ten things I love about FringeKid:

1.  She will wear her chicken hat in public.

2.  She thinks she looks smokin’ hot in her chicken hat.  I may think she looks like BBQ, but who cares what I think.

3.  She always finds a positive, even when only two kids show up for her birthday party and none of her supposed ‘good’ friends come.

4.  She’s easy to please.  Mac & Cheese from a box for your birthday dinner?  I think I can handle that.

5.  She roots for the underdog.  When she ran track, she was the second slowest runner, but she always stopped mid-track to wait for the slowest kid to catch up.  Not the point of track, I know, but I do love her spirit.

6.  She can make friends with anyone.  Total strangers become bosom buddies in nary an instant.

7.  She’s always happy.  No matter what.

Cake Pops

8.  She’s a great sleeper.  This may sound funny, but when you have a son that wakes you up at four in the morning (repeatedly), it’s nice to have a kid who sleeps.  Besides, I wouldn’t mind sleeping in till mid-morning either.

9.  She enjoys spending time with her mama.  I love our ‘girl’s nights’ as much as she does.

10.  She has goals.  Yes, one day she wants to be a doctor and the next day she wants to be a puppeteer, but she’s ambitious.  I like that.

You can read all about her (our) birth story here.  But for today, I just want to say Happy Birthday FringeKid.  I’m sure glad God saw fit to give me you.


  1. Kara Brown says:

    those are great qualities..and i love the hat aka because i got the same hat and i’m wearing it right now!! i wear my hat in public also; its hilarious because people are embarrassed to be seen with me..

  2. Love the hat and love that she loves the hat. Also, cake pops–yum. Happy 10th Birthday, FringeKid!

  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. It must be hard to have a birthday so close to Christmas, tends to get lost and forgotten amidst all the celebration and post celebration let down. Those cake pops do look delicious. Would love to know how you made them.

  4. She is so cute in her chicken hat. My 20 year old has a panda hat and isn’t afraid to wear it in public either.

    The cake pops look good, Are they hard to make?

  5. Happy Birthday to FringeKid! And just so you know, your posts always make me smile a lot.

  6. Sounds like you have raised a wonderful, smart and sensitive daughter! You’ve done well, FringeMomma. And so sorry about your migraine. That is the worst! And it really does knock you out for a few days with the drugs and stuff. At least you’re better for your daughter’s birthday. Really, that’s what counts!

  7. She is a SWEETHEART!!

  8. She looks like such a doll. Your list is wonderful. I hope it wasn’t this birthday that only two kids showed up.

  9. That’s a great list of things you like about her. She sounds like a joy of a child.

    Also, that’s a fabulous picture of her in the chicken hat.

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