A creative spark ignites life on the Fringe.

Today was our first snow.  Oh, it wasn’t the first time it was snowing, but it was the first morning I woke to the sound of a plow truck.  I knew it wasn’t a good sign, but then I untangled myself from my web of covers and looked out the window.  It was white.  And beautiful.  The snow clung to everything in sight and it felt a little like Christmas, but that’s probably because my son has been playing “I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas…”

The record player in my mind (Yes, there’s a record player up there.  I am that old, but barely.) keeps getting its needle stuck and that line just plays over and over again.

I stole a tiny piece of Halloween candy from my son’s room.  He hides it from me, but I’m a pretty awesome snooper.  If you have any presents you want to find, call me.  I’ll come over and put my skills to work.  Anyway, I actually pondered what it means that my son hides his candy from me?  Am I now an addict?  Did Hershey give me a problem?  Do they have AA for chocolate?

So many questions.

I went to school with FringeKid this morning.  She had to bring in her longhouse and didn’t want to risk a ride on the bus with it.  Children tend to morph into wild little beasts when they get on the bus.  God bless those bus drivers.  They have a patience I’ve never had (nor do I care to acquire).

FringeMan outdid himself on this longhouse.  About a week ago I assigned him to this longhouse project.  I gave him the glue gun, a hand sketched photo, and FringeKid.  He picked up my glue gun and laughed in the face of every art project I’ve ever done.  Then he went to Lowe’s and bought a man’s glue gun.  I could build a bridge with this glue gun.  The glue sticks are three feet long.

I think he deserves an honorary doctorate in American History for this masterpiece.

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!  FringeMan is good with a gun.

I felt the creative spark myself this week.   I didn’t use glue, but I definitely should have, because this project nearly brought me to my knees.   I just couldn’t let a trash pile wooden box get the best of me.  I have a house full of soft wood.  If you counted the scratches, grooves, and nicks you’d reach numbers with so many commas I couldn’t read them.  BUT.  The one piece of wood I decide to screw cup hooks into is hard as a rock.  Since FringeMan worked extremely late every night, I didn’t have a drill or screw gun handy, so I used a mallet (yes, a mallet) and a screw.  I pounded my holes with the screw, wiggled the screw back out and then (and only then) could I screw my little cup hook into the wood.  It was tedious.  I woke the kids up twice, but I love the finished product.

All FringeMan said was, “Did you take that off the wall first and then put all the hooks in?”

No!  Of course not.  I stood on a chair and used a mallet.   I did it the hard way.  Isn’t that how I do everything?

He chuckled a little at the mallet, but a girl must follow her creative whim.

In other news, I’m in love with an appliance and he’s not even mine yet.  Is it ok that my appliance is a ‘him’?  He is promised to me.  Ordered.  He should arrive today.  He will wash all my dishes from now until death do us part.  I’m just not certain what I should name him.  FringeMan may get jealous if I start talking about him in public, but I tend to name my appliances.  Fiona needs a companion.  Help me pick a name for my new dishwasher please.

And that’s the end.

I hope you all have lovely weekends.


  1. says

    Love your jewelry box and the longhouse is great. If I were naming the dishwasher, I’d probably name it Charlie (just because I like the name Charlie)!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. says

    I love that longhouse. That’s amazing! And your box for hanging jewelry is a great idea. Kudos to you for figuring out how to accomplish it on your own.

    Naming appliances—hmmm…never thought of that. I do like the suggestions though.

  3. says

    Since Real Men Do Dishes (yes all in caps) I vote for “Butch” or “Mark”–and hopefully there wouldn’t be a mark left on them once he’s done with them.

    Or there’s Mr. Clean. The original bald manly man.

  4. says

    Not that Hardy and Shrek (I get the connection) aren’t good names but how about Finn McSwisher? And I am so jealous, I still use the dishwasher that’s attached to the ends of my arms.


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