A Date Night On The Town

I am going away this anniversary for twenty-four slow and luxurious hours.  At least, I hope they go by slowly, because this is the first time I’ve gone away alone with my husband since we had children – thirteen years ago.

Wait, I must auto-correct.  We went away overnight once, but it was 100% business.  As I recall, that was also on our tenth anniversary and my husband has never lived it down, because we had zero time with each other.

This time though, for sixteen years, it’s 100% pleasure.

My mom will be taking my kids and there will happy all around.  Thank you mom.

We may have celebrated our Crystal Anniversary (15 years) with a romantic deer, but for 16 we’re hightailing it outta here!

My husband already took the two days off from work and I’ve promised not to stress out over how much a hotel room without bed bugs in New York costs.  We’re even dressing up for a nice dinner out.

It just so happens I have a brand new dress, with the tags still on, hanging in my closet.  I won it last year in a giveaway and we never did go anywhere that would warrant my sashaying my way around dinner in a snakeskin dress.

InStyle: Fall Fashion Trend - Snakeskin

Now I get to wear it and I can’t wait!

Today I am over at Fancy Little Things talking about Date Night Style.

Before I was married to my husband, I would buy a new outfit every time we went someplace nice, and “someplace nice” could mean anything from a museum to a burger joint.  I wanted to look my best.

Then I got married, had a couple of kids, and became emotionally attached to a pair of stretched out yoga pants and a fuzzy pink bathrobe.

You’re shaking your head, but I suspect you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, I make an effort to get dressed every day.  Once in a while, I even put on a dress, but there’s a difference between getting ready for the mom routine and getting dressed up for your man.

I knew I was trouble when not long ago, we went to a funeral and my husband commented about how nice I looked and how we should get dressed up and go out more often.

My friends, we were going to a FUNERAL.

It doesn’t get fashionably sadder than that.


To read more, hop on over to Fancy Little Things and we’ll chat about Date Night Style.


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    Oh I am so glad for you! You saved a dress? That must have been hard. I love wearing my new outfits right away. If i dont have an occasion, I make one. Lol


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