A Mother’s Day Gift from My Grandma

kids and water guns


My  grandmother (who passed away several years ago) gave me a bracelet for Mother’s Day.  This year!

I was as surprised as you, but on Saturday night, I found a white box with a paper lid and it said, “To mom.  From FringeKid (only she used her real name) and great-grandma.”

Inside was a bright gold, costume jewelry bracelet, taken right out of my grandmother’s jewelry box.

I wore it all day.


kids playing with water guns on a spring day


I’m so very glad my children had the chance to know my grandparents.  My kids loved them, and they love their memories with them, even if my grandmother was a little crazy and didn’t know who they were.  They still influence little lives from the grave, and I know that’s the real gift to me.

I’m just glad I found the box on Saturday night, because it took me by surprise and overwhelming fits of laughter.


FringeKid with a water gun


I also found a bag of sweet & salty M&M mix.

I sat popping pieces of pretzel, peanut, and candy-coated chocolate pieces in my mouth when my son came and sat on the arm of the couch, right next to me.

He leaned in, “You know, we got you a different kind of M&M’s too.”

“The raspberry ones – I tried those already.”

“You know, you’re not very good at this.”  My son told me.

“Well, she already rearranged the flowers and put them in a different vase.”  My husband nodded to a vase of brightly colored wild flowers on the end table.  “She’s always  been like this!”


Fringeboy with a water gun


I admit, I’m not great with gifts, or maybe it’s just the waiting part that throws me off.

My husband did some laundry for me this weekend.  That’s all I ever really wanted for Mother’s Day.  The flowers, cards, M&M’s and bracelet from my grandma were nice touches though.


loading water guns in a bucket of water


The snow, not so much.

It’s even too late for April showers, so the ice pellets tinkling against my window were a little surprising Sunday night.  Then in a fluffy white flurry, it changed over to snow for a few minutes.  People just north of us had accumulation.  My son’s teacher drove to school on Monday with a white car.

I’m glad we enjoyed the nice weather when it was here, but you don’t visit The Domestic Fringe to hear about the weather.  That would be ten kinds of lame.


water gun wars 5


So instead, I’ll tell you how thankful I am for my little family, for children who make my days special and grandparents who keep loving me, even from the grave.


How was your weekend?

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    Oh Tricia! Twice I have received Jewelry from my deceased Mother-in-Law. It does take you back… an emerald necklace she purchased just before she passed away that went with the emerald set she had given me when I married her emerald-birthstone son… it was given to me by her mother, saying, “I think this was meant for you…” Then again last Christmas when I was pregnant for the first time – a Mother and Child necklace she used to wear, that she had given to my husband to keep “until the right time.” How emotional, and beautiful.

  2. says

    We hit up IHOP, nothing but gourmet fare around here, I tell ya. Then, we napped and hit up the local ice cream parlor. My exercise DVD’s were all screaming at me by the end of the day! ;)

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