A Neighborhood Gone Wild

This is the only time you will ever hear me stand up for my dog.  Mark the date and remind me that I was once overwhelming kind to the “O” (Oriana).

They have this little rule in town and cities.  It’s called a Leash Law.  I understand it, respect it, and abide by it; however, it’s unfair.

Now I know what you’re going to say – Life isn’t fair!

It’s one of my favorite sayings.  In fact, my son heard it so often that I would overhear him telling kids on the playground that “Life’s not fair.”  I understand that, but something must change in my neighborhood.  The cats are going wild, torturing my dog, and subsequently driving me insane.

The cats literally come poke their heads in my window and smash their little whiskered faces up against the glass.  It’s bad enough the kids do that, but now their cats have caught on.  Do you have any idea what that does to my dog?

It’s like an episode of Tom and Jerry, except with a cat and dog and the cat is winning!

My dog runs circles around the house, nearly jumps from the windows, and knocks around my furniture.  This goes on for most of the day.

I’m about to lobby congress for laws requiring cats to be leashed.

The cats also rip through my garbage, get into my garage, and spray everything in site.  I am declaring war on felines!

FringeMan reached his breaking point one evening last week.  The cats refused to be chased off.  As the dog danced circles around crying at her highest, most feverish pitch, she also sprinkled the floor in uncontainable excitement.  Finally FringeMan just opened the door and said, “Go get em’.”

A verse of The Farmer in the Dell ensued.

The cat took off at breakneck speed with the dog hot on his heels.  Roughly five children entered the race, arms flapping in every direction and shouts reaching clear to Massachusetts.  Although I doubt FringeMan was overcome with sympathy for the cat, he was concerned that every kid on the block was now running in and out of the street after the animals, so he joined the race.

The disjointed congo line danced their way down the street, through backyards, and ended with a treed cat.  The kids are still reliving this scene from their very own nature channel episode.  My dog is having active dreams in which I am certain she returns with the cat in her mouth and FringeMan is in trouble with every cat lover in a 10 mile radius.

I love that people love their cats, but I love my sanity.  When your cat jumps in my window and waves hello to my dog, it’s war.  Just remember, all’s fair in love and war.

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  1. says

    you drew a very vivid story in my mind! I have one dog and two HOUSE cats! But, in my neighborhood, standing in my own yard, I usually can count upwards of 8 cats that belong to neighbors. grrrr They do spray everything!
    The difference is, if I let my crazy ankle biter out, I wouldn’t be able to get him back. So he stands at the fence and barks and barks at the cats. :(
    thanks for sharing your very cute story.
    ps love the look of your new kitchen!

  2. Jaybird says

    You go big “O”!!!!!! The dog should win EVERY time!!!
    The tears are running down my face from Laughing!!!!
    Thanks for the great story!

  3. says

    Well, I am a cat person (or “The Cat Lady” as my children call me, despite the fact that we only own ONE) and I still take issue with cats roaming. All animal experts will tell you that cats are safer, healthier and live longer if they are indoor kitties. I have one neighborhood cat who has ripped through a screen in my window to get to MY cat. I guess he thought he as all big and bad being an outdoor kitty attacking a poor, helpless indoor kitty. Joke was on him. We sent him home licking his wounds… literally.

    Suggestion… have you tried hosing the cats with a squirt bottle? I keep one near the door and will let them have it. (Gotta find one that actually squirts and doesn’t mist.) And, when I’m sure none of the neighbors are looking, I’ve even turned the garden hose on them. Not that I enjoy doing that. Really, I don’t. Honest.

  4. says

    Oh, I feel your pain!! There’s one HUGE cat that lives on our street that I HATE. It beat up our old cat Smokey, and I still haven’t forgotten that!

    I also have problems with big dogs who attack my little dog. It’d be one thing if she antigonized (sp?) them, but she was minding her own business in MY yard and has been attacked by a white dog and approached by two big Rotts which nearly made me pass out.

  5. says

    Yeah … not a cat-lover here. For some reason, cats irritate me with their independence and everything being on their terms. Boo to cats … yay for dogs! They love and protect you no matter what. They’re kinda like Jesus in that aspect.

    Sorry … rambling.

  6. says

    Now that was a funny story. Probably not to you but I could just picture it. Funny. I don’t like cats, so I would love a leash law for them also. But I can’t see that happening. Good luck with your taunting cats.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment.

  7. says

    Thanks for the laugh! I love cats but they’re going to hell (it’s in the Bible–“they that eat mice are damned”(my paraphrase–Isaiah 66:17). I’ll email you Uncle Henry’s method for discouraging the cats who thought his rose garden was the neighborhood litter box. Fringeman will love it.

  8. Mom says

    One cat thought she was safe behind a screened window and teased Juneau all the time. Poor thing, one day the screen broke and she fell into Juneau’s mouth! Ooops.

  9. EagleGirl says

    I think this is one reason we made KittyQueen an indoor cat. Yipes! Run, little kitty! Run!

    Oh, but you watch out too, little doggie, some cats are not afraid to use their claws… and teeth.

  10. says

    I’ve been threatening to let my dog out to chase the cats away too. They stand by our shed & antagonize my Lily. Then when we put her out on her lead, they know she can’t reach them and just stand there and watch her run as hard as she can to the end the leash and they just kinda laugh at her! One of these day I’m gonna get her a longer lead & see what they do then! lol (that’s supposed to be an evil laugh)

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