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I’ve given you 5 Tips for New Bloggers and went into each tip in detail.  I hope that helped encourage and inspire some of you in your blogging journey, especially all you new bloggers, but I’ve been thinking.  There are also 5 Things You Don’t Want on Your Blog.

I’m over at Fancy Little Things today talking about these 5 things.  Maybe they’re on your blog…?


Blogging Tips: 5 Things You Don't Want on your Blog

Printable Resource

Last week I was over at Fancy Little Things reminding us who we are in Christ.  I put together a resource that you may want to print out and keep handy, because sometimes we live in defeat, never knowing victory or healing.  We are sad and overwhelmed and we feel like quitting.  We lost the joy long ago and are too tired to find it again.  Life is difficult at best and empty at worst.

Friends, God made you for so much more.

I hope this is a help to you.  Don’t forget to pass it along and help someone else.


Printable Resource:  Daughters of the King - Knowing who we are in Christ


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    I thought your tip to pray for other bloggers was fresh and re-freshing! It’s easy to put too much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect blogger, but thinking about and praying for others can reset our perspective.

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