A Two Slushy Kind of Day

Today is a two-part post kind of day.

First part is What I Wore Wednesday and the second part is our trip to the zoo.  Since I’m only showing one outfit, I thought I’d combine the two; however, I did get dressed more than once this week.  I promise!

cottage at zoo

Dress:  Target (too long ago to include a link), Half-tee:  Half-tee.com, Bag:  Charming Charlies, Necklace:  Glad Fishy borrowed from my daughter.

Go visit The Pleated Poppy for oodles of fashion inspiration!

Now, part 2 – The Zoo.


Yesterday was a two slushy kind of day.  I soaked my dress through twice with sweat, so I was obviously dehydrated and the only thing better than a swim on a ninety degree day is a slushy.  When you don’t have air-conditioning in your car, you throw caution and calorie counts to the wind and opt for a cup of tropical fruit ice with food dye.  Then you have a red mouth, red teeth, and red lips for the next five hours.  Small kids run away from you screaming, because they think you’re a zombie, or maybe it’s just because you stink.  You did soak through your dress twice with sweat in one day, but it hardly matters.  Slushies make you cool inside, cool enough to keep right on enjoying summer.

Today will only get to around seventy degrees and after yesterday, it feels a bit nippy.  I even turned Slippy’s light back on.  For a moment, I thought I saw him mouth the words Thank You.

Because having a fish and a long-tailed lizard at home doesn’t exactly make us exotic, we went to the zoo.  Once a month our local, somewhat local, zoo is hosting a FREE evening for the community.  We rarely pass up free.  We’re cheap thrifty like that, so of course we had to go on their first free night of the summer.

a trip to the zooI have to admit, I’m a little spoiled when it comes to the zoo.  I grew up near the Bronx Zoo and it’s truly a trip to another world.  Nestled in New York City is a safari adventure that is hard to top.  The zoo we visited last night is more like a glorified pet store than it is a safari, but it was fun.  And free.  Let’s not forget free.  Although if you’re in NYC, I believe Wednesday is donation day at the zoo.  Maybe they’ve changed the day, so I would check, but there’s always a donation day.  It’s the next best thing to free.


When I saw this spray of water from a distance, I thought they set up a sprinkler for the kids.  I made a beeline right for it and was slightly disappointed, because if it had been a sprinkler, I would have gone under.  There was a man just standing there gazing at the stream of water and I know he was thinking the same thing.

You thought I was going to show you pictures of animals in the zoo, right?

Silly you.

vintage strollers

These metal and wood strollers look as if they’ve been around since I was a baby.  I don’t think I’ve seen any like them, so I had to stop traffic at the entrance and take a picture.

kids at zoo

FringeKid loves animals in a special way.  When she grows up, she either wants to be a vet or a doctor.  Maybe she’ll be both, because I suspect she’ll be living on a farm.

mirror images

I thought I’d catch a cool picture of my son and me in the mirror, but I took too long, so my son started walking away.  It’s obvious by the look of extreme consternation on my face that I have no idea what I’m doing.

The kids had fun feeding the goats.  They were real goats, unlike the wolves.  I’m convinced they threw four Huskies in an outdoor habitat and wrote Mexican Wolves on the sign, but then again, I can’t be trusted when it comes to identifying animals.  I once mistook a goat for a baby cow, and that wasn’t nearly as bad as the time I thought a round bale of hay was a moose.

What can I say?  I grew up in the city.

Don’t let this guy’s pretty green eyes fool you.  If my hand were just a little bit closer, he would have eaten my camera.

FringeMan makes fun of me when I say donkey.  I say it “dun-key” and he says “Dooon-ky”.  That’s what happens when North meets South.

true loveWe had fun at the zoo.  I can cross that off the imaginary summer list of fun stored in my head.  Every other blog paints or chalks fancy lists, but I’ll probably never even get mine from my head to a sticky pad before summer is over.  And you know what?  That’s ok with me.  As long as we fun.


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    You look great! I had never heard of the half-tee, definitely going to check them out. Sounds like the perfect solution when you want to layer w/o adding too much warmth in the summer.

  2. says

    love your polka dot dress!! so cute!! and yeah for fun summer trips! (even if the list is only in your head – still counts!)

  3. says

    You look so cute in your dress, sweat and all! ;) I love a good zoo. Thanks for the tour. You know FringeKid could get her animal fix around here.

  4. says

    That dress is cute as a button. Never thought of putting a tank top under a dress. Brilliant! My sweetgirl may end up at the farm working right alongside yours.

    Taking advantage of “Free” days at any establishment is just wicked smaht. Love it when those free days are at the zoo!

    • says

      This is only 1/2 a tank too. They are SO perfect for under dresses. You have to check them out. halftee.com. I have 3 and wish I had more. I wear them ALL the time. They stop right under bra, are soft cotton, and stay perfectly in place. Can’t say enough good things about them!

  5. says

    Ahhh, summertime and the zoo. I remember when we had summer {for two days!}. But, on the rare days when it is hot, I always go for a dress; they are so nice and breezy. I love your polka dot dress and the pop of color from your bag is perfect!

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    The zoo in P’cola is similar to that one… it’s not exceptionally amazing. lol But the one in New Orleans is SO much fun! We like to go there once or twice a year with the kids. They have all kinds of fun exhibits!

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    I love the zoo! Your pics are awesome. I like your comment about the summer fun lists. I made one of those one year and it just ended up being another to do list, so I don’t do that anymore!

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