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Hi everyone!  My name is Tricia and I love Jesus, my family, and chocolate.  In that order.

I like sunshine and flip-flops and bright happy colors.  Once I considered decorating a blow-up palm tree for Christmas, but my family was outraged, so I sprung for the ugliest evergreen I could find.  Turned out, it looked a lot like Phyllis Diller.

I’m clumsy enough to fall off a treadmill and crazy enough to hang a pallet on my wall and call it home decor.

birthday balloon cupcakes with lollipops

I like making cupcakes.  Eating them is even better, but unfortunately too many cupcakes cause me to go on a reconnaissance mission to take back my thighs.  This usually happens around April, every single year.

I am a blogger.

The only one comfortable admitting that is my daughter.  She tells everyone and anyone.  She spouts off thedomesticfringe.com faster than I can wrap my hands around her mouth.  I should hire her for promotions, but I don’t make nearly enough money.

crazy owl hat2

I love blogging though.  It’s like free therapy.  Sometimes my readers tell me to pop a few dozen M&M’s and call them in the morning, and other times they blow me away with their generosity and love.

I’ve been blogging for a long time, several years, but my family still gives me funny looks.

Link Legend of Zelda

My husband thinks I air our families’ dirty laundry, my kids think I play computer games all day, and my mom thinks I swap emails with Stephen King.

Maybe there’s a little truth in those assumptions.  Well, except I don’t swap words with Stephen King.  One day though, you never know.  I did swap emails with this sweet author.

I write about my family, like the time my son asked me to tie him to a pole.  For a minute, I was sure social services was going to drag me away by the hair, but when your kid asks you to tie him up, it’s sort of a mother’s dream come true.

child covered in shaving cream

How can I not write about these things?  I mean, my son is a Redneck Gourmet and my daughter thinks Lucille Ball is in the Bible.

Besides, my kids got even.  They tried to kill me one day, but only ended up breaking my leg.

kids fell asleep in car

I also write about fashion – the horrors of swimsuit shopping and all the reasons I don’t wear skinny jeans.  Every once in a while I try to be serious and inspire other women to shed the yoga pants and over sized t-shirts, so I wear one dress seven ways and have my husband snap goofy photos.

One time, I even went so far as to ask a couple of retirees if I could use their boat as a prop.  I figured if I was going to look like a Stepford wife, I needed a boat!

eShakti red floral dress

While I’m confessing, I use too many exclamation points.  I try to edit most of them out, because I know it’s the unpardonable sin of writing.  I overuse exclamations in real life chit-chatting too.  I can’t help myself.  I was born this way.  Blame my mom.

Speaking of my poor dear mom…I tend to mention her a lot on the blog.  She immediately calls me whining when she sees her name, but I think she secretly likes it.  I’m not making fun of her, I’m just making her famous.

mother and daughter

And just so that my mother-in-law doesn’t feel left out, I talk about her too.

Me & My Mother-in-Law

Did I mention that my husband is a minister?

He is.  An electrician and a minister.  He saves people from electrical fires and hell’s fires.  It’s a big job, but there’s no better man for the task.

air travel phobia

I like when he’s working local, because I can go for a walk and sneak love notes into his truck.  One time, it nearly backfired on me, but it was so worth making him squirm, or as he says, “I felt like Joseph fleeing Potipher’s wife.”

Every so often, I put the silliness aside and write all proper and serious like.  It’s not often, but this past year, I managed to do it for thirty-one days straight.  You can read 31 Days of Living by Faith.  I hope it will inspire you to believe God, to trust Him with your life and heart.

table at a craft fair

It’s a mixed bag on The Domestic Fringe.  You never know what we’ll be talking about from one day to the next.  Either that keeps things interesting or it makes my readers wish I took meds for ADHD.

I’m just trying to make the most out of life.  It’s my goal to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Will you join me in this adventure we call life?



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