Amazing Grace

Last night was a sad night at church.

When tragedy strikes in a small group, it’s different from when you have a thousand or even a hundred people.  It’s all-consuming.  It demands attention, not only from a few, but from all.

Saturday night, a young mama fed and rocked her infant and then that little girl died in her arms.

That child’s grandma and friends were in church last night and they were heartbroken.

It’s not suppose to happen like that.  Mothers shouldn’t have to bury their babies.  Grandmas should outlive their grandkids.

It doesn’t make sense.

Today I’ve been thinking about this song – Amazing Grace.

It’s the only thing that gets us through, isn’t it?

God’s Amazing Grace.

Have you ever heard the saying, “But by grace, there go I.”  People usually say it in reference to someone who has screwed up their entire life – the drunk or the drug addict maybe.

I’ve come to dislike that saying so very much, because it implies those people, who none of us want to be like, have never benefited from God’s grace.

That’s not true my friend.

It’s all grace or it’s not.

God’s amazing grace touches each of us, pours down on us like rain.  We live bathed in grace and we die in grace.

His grace shows up in the blessings, but it’s also present in the pain, washing over us like a holy rain.


And like a flood, His mercy rains.

Unending Love, Amazing Grace.


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  1. says

    We believers mourn with those who mourn. We will. :( Nevertheless, Peace be with you…and that young mother…His peace, but not as the world gives! :) Thankful that she has a loving church where you are, to wrap your loving arms around her like Jesus would—and is, through you.

  2. says

    I almost couldn’t make it through this post – and then got to the end and was certifiable. That song… it gets me every single time. Such beauty and truth – especially in the face of tragedy. I’m so sorry for that family’s loss.


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