An Indoor Succulent Garden

An Indoor Succulent Garden


Indoor Succulent Garden with A Cactus


My daughter and I planted a succulent garden, with one cactus for good measure, and because it’s pink.

We took inspiration from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess and dug in.

Our mini-garden didn’t turn out quite as polished as Elise’s, but we love it just the same.


succulant plant @


There’s something about growing things that just makes you feel alive and happy.

Unfortunately, we’re really good at killing things in our house, just green things.  I have a giant black thumb to go along with my vintage tub full of plants that need full sunlight, temperatures above seventy degrees, and a drought.


planting a succulent garden @


FringeMan came home, look in the pot, and said, “We’re living in the wrong state for these plants.”

I fear he is right, but by golly, I’m going to do my best to keep these plants alive and thriving.  If I have to stand over them for eight hours a day with a light, I’ll do it!

Ok, maybe I won’t, but I might make my kids do it.

small succulents

At least I purchased these plants from a store and didn’t go digging them up under the cover of darkness.

There’s always that.

I’m learning, slowly, but surely.



Have you planted anything yet – indoors or outdoors?

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  1. says

    First I love succulents just because I like to say it. Secondly my DIL who has a green thumb decided to start a few plants in the house before planting. The kitchen shelf is covered in delightful soon to grow earth. problem is she forgot to label them – so- we wait in anticipation not just for growth but something we can recognize.

  2. says

    absolutely wonderful way to find beauty on a tragic day. I may need to copy this idea. I am struggling to keep hope and happiness lately :(


  3. says

    I bought a basil plant at the grocery store the other day. The plant made it all the way home only to be left for nearly 12 hours in the back of the van, smooshed up in the grocery bag. When discovered the next day, I handed it to my husband (who has 10 green thumbs) and pleaded with him to, “Help it live!” It was critical for a bit, but two days ago I enjoyed my first caprese salad. Does that count for succulent?

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