And I Thought I was a Good Doctor

Turns out you can’t treat appendicitis with Gas-X and Mirilax.

Who knew?

Although I pride myself in my doctoring skills, if you have anything except an asthma attack, don’t listen to me!

That’s the best advice I can give you.

When FringeMan woke up in pain Friday night, I thought a few Gas-X would surely solve his problems.  I spent a few minutes wishing I had a gasmask handy, but then fell into a deep slumber.  Unfortunately FringeMan continued to have a stomach ache well into Saturday night.  He made the smart decision to go to the ER and just “make sure” it was nothing.  Little did he know he’d be in surgery before morning.

Thankfully FringeMan is doing well, and he’s not even whining.  I would definitely be whining!  After all, surgery is cause for some whine.

Unfortunately my poor mother didn’t fair as well.

We have issues with one car and keys in FringeMan’s pocket an hour away at the hospital.  Although we have a hospital a block & a half from our house, they don’t do surgery.  Sounds crazy, right?  It’s very small.  They have an ER, they do all testing, but they only have 25 beds and they don’t do surgery.  That meant FringeMan had a wild ride in an ambulance at three in the morning.  His drivers were NYC ambulance drives, only now they were driving upstate, through winding, snowy, icy roads.  He said the drive in the ambulance was scarier than the thought of surgery.

It’s was like a roller-coaster ride with an IV!

Anyway, my mom came to rescue us.  Only she told the kids to grab a book before we walked out the door.  You know how you can tell a kid to do something a million times and they’ll say, “Oh, I forgot!” OR “Oh, I didn’t hear you!”

Not this time.  The kids grabbed a book and proceeded to read it in the car.  My mom forgot that FringeKid loses her cookies when reading in the car.  So early this morning, my mom called me from a pet store.  She was looking for something to get rid of the smell.

My poor, poor mom.

Thank you mom for coming to our rescue.

Thank you God for taking care of FringeMan.

Thank you doctors and nurses for an awesome job.

Thank you kids for obeying.


Thank you all for praying and for your well-wishes.  You’re the best bloggy friends a girl could dream of having.

The FringeFamily just figured we’d see 2010 out with a bang!


  1. Hey girlie, been there and done that. My Sassy had an emergency appendectomy. So glad he’s alright!!

  2. I’m glad everything is ok! How’s the smell in the car?

  3. Glad FringeMan is on the mend!
    Natures Miracle can get pet urine smells out of carpeting, it ought to work on barf! Try Pet Smart.

  4. Oh my goodness! Can anything else happen to you all this year? Don’t answer that–there are still a few weeks left! Let’s hope that odd years are better on you than evens! I’m glad everything went well. I think you do need to petition your local ER for some sort of frequent flier mile program! :-) Seriously! Look at all the free advertising they’re getting!

    Take care, literally, and have a wonderful holiday!! You are such a wonderful gift to so many!

  5. I’m so glad FringeMan is alright! What a guy! I’d be whining so loudly the dogs in Alaska would go deaf.

    Don’t feel bad. When I was in medical school my parents told me they were having headaches, and I told them to stop being hypochondriacs. It turned out their gas was leaking and they had carbonmonoxide poisoning. Isn’t that awful? I almost killed my mommy and daddy. Yikes!

  6. Hey Sweetie,

    the new year just can’t come fast enough for you guys! So glad he is out of surgery and going to be ok:)


  7. I’m kind of late in catching up. But, I’m glad to hear that Fringeman is okay! And, thank God for family. They are the bestest. :-)

  8. Glad FringeMan is doing better. Try to stay out of the hospital at least until Valentine’s Day! : )

  9. Ok…so you’re more Flo Henderson than Flo Nightingale…just the same…you tried! I truly am happy to read he’s on the road to recovery…’course it ticks me off how fast they send patients home now.
    BTW…has your mom tried Gas-X on the car?

  10. You sure know how to live it up on the Fringe! ;) I’m so glad your hubby is okay and it’s great that your mom was able to help. By the way, have some cheese with that whine. (groan) :) :)

  11. So glad to hear that FringeMan is doing better and that you are too. I do hope you can enjoy what’s left of 2010.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  12. PS ACK! It left without me.

    I’m glad FringeMan is going to live!!! One of my boys had the same thing…a long time ago, when he was 14 (he just turned 33), but it was just as scary then!

  13. So how is your mom’s car?

    Try some coffee grounds in the car, or vinegar. Also we carries a fireplace deodorant in our store that does wonders on all kinds of odors. Maybe you could find a chimney sweep up there that has it? Or maybe I could send you some?


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