Around Town: My Favorite Coffee Shop

On this Monday, I’m joining Lisa Leonard in saying Hello to the world and my favorite coffee shop.

Ole Sal's Coffee Shop

Meet Chris, owner of Ole Sal’s.

He makes the best brownies and broccoli cheese soup in town.  I don’t frivolously give compliments like that.

Rumor has it, he waded into to river for that green buoy.  It’s not like he stole it or anything.  It was just randomly floating down the river.  It’s amazing the things you find floating down stream, especially after a big spring rain.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, my husband and his sister attended school with Chris and his brother.  It’s a small world after all.


coffee shop / antique store

This is Chris’s coffee shop.

It’s a relaxed, throw your feet up on the coffee table kind of place.  It’s almost like going to your grandma’s attic.

And there’s a boat hanging from the ceiling.  Your grandma probably doesn’t have a boat on her ceiling, but all the rest is the same.

I’m sure of it.


jeep hood


Here’s more of the ceiling.

It’s easy to get a bit freaked out when you look up.

Part of me thinks it’s absolutely awesome to hang your junk on the ceiling, but the other part of me feels very small and vulnerable when I’m sitting under the hood of a Jeep.


local art - paintings


Everywhere you look there is art in some form.  Either paintings from local artists or vintage pieces displayed all haphazardly or random signs on the ceiling.

If you are a minimalist neat freak, having a coffee in this café may give you high blood pressure, but to me, it feels cozy – homey even.

chalkboard menu in coffee shop

Not only do they serve coffee and brownies, but they have a variety of ice-creams, soups, sandwiches and desserts.  Everything is homemade and very reasonably priced.

Saranac Soda - Shirley Temple


FringeKid is partial to their fancy sodas, especially Saranac’s Shirley Temple.


little girl with Saranac Soda


She chugs it down like a drunken pirate.


Ahoy, me hearties!  And, skuttle me skippers.  I’ll have me a Shirley Temple.  Arghhhhh….


vintage items displayed in window


I hope there’s not a pirate’s ship in her future.


vintage fan in window


FringeMan and I often visit this coffee shop on our “dates”.  It’s the perfect place to go hang out.  I can write many posts on the coffee house conversations we’ve had with the most interesting people.  It’s always our pleasure.


So, what about you?  Do you have a favorite place to go hang out in your area?

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  1. I’m beginning to think you live in heaven. First your library and now this? Can I come visit? :)

  2. His hot chocolate is the best! He uses three different chocolates. mmmm….

  3. Nina and I talked about opening up a coffee shop about 15 years ago. I kind of wish we would have, but I hate coffee in every single one of its iterations. I just wanted a cool place for people to have to come and hang out.

    • I think owning a coffee shop would be a lot of fun. FringeMan has this secret dream of being a short order cook and having a breakfast/lunch home cooking diner kind of place. I’d love it as long as I don’t have to cook or do the dishes. :-)

  4. Love it! Isn’t it great to have a place like that in your town to visit other than the horribly corporate Starbucks!?!

  5. Gracious, I WISH I had a coffee house like that to hang out in!!!! Nothing within miles of me. I think its fabulous.

    • Sorry you don’t have a fun coffee shop Sue. We do have a section of town that caters to New York City people taking rides in “the country” all summer long. This small area hopes and prays for artisans and such to come spend some money!


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