The Stress of Packing & Moving

Moving Tips for Packing Boxes and Relocating your Home

I was in total freak-out mode for an entire week. Now I’m better.  Kinda. We officially move on the 29th of June, but my bags are packed, and the truck is loaded and on its way to Virginia.  For a week and a half, it will just be us four, our mattresses, and several paint brushes. All of my clean clothes are packed.  Whatever is

Moving House, Home, & Pizza

Moving to Virginia - Crazy Packing Lady

Captain Hook delivered pizza Friday night, the weird upside down pie with the sauce slathered on top of the cheese.  As a self-proclaimed pizza snob, I’m just getting my taste-buds accustomed to this backwards version of my favorite food.  Central New York has a unique cuisine, and a wacky way of pronouncing everyday words like elementary.  They say “El-E-men-TARY”. (These are the moments I feel

Printable Paper-Craft Sources

PaperCraft Cupcake

I fell in love with paper crafts the moment I put together the first house for my Christmas Advent calendar.  All the cutting and pasting is a bit of work, but the finished products are adorable. Just this past week, I made seventeen of these little cupcakes.  I’m going to fill them with mini-marshmallows and Teddy Graham crackers and give them to the kids in

Think On These Things

a touch of spring in a long, cold winter

I feel like I broke through the ice and am drowning in the frigid waters of upstate New York. That’s slightly dramatized, but all I’ve seen for the past few months are fifty shades of white, and I am officially over winter! My car doors hardly open because they are iced shut. My laundry room is flooding, despite my son removing every flake of snow

This is 40.

What -40- means to me...part of the Conquering 40 series

I turned 40 this past Thursday.  I wanted to write an emotional, insightful, mind-blowing post on my birthday, but I was too tired. After work, I took my kids out to celebrate.  My husband couldn’t make it, because of his crazy work schedule at the hospital, but the kids and I had fun.  We even ordered dessert, personal cheesecakes piled high with fresh berries and

The Boston Girl – Book Review

The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant - a book review

The Boston Girl tells the story of one woman’s life.  She is both ordinary and extraordinary in the most spectacular ways. The book begins with Ava asking her grandma, Addie Baum, how she became the woman she is today.  Grandma Addie was born in 1900, but her story begins in 1915 and concludes at the time of this interview in 1985.  This story takes us

7 Things to Do With Your Kids on A Snow Day

7 Things to do with your kids on a snow day

If you live in world without snow days, I am equal parts sad for you and jealous of you. In one word, snow is work. If you live in a place with snow, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you live in the deep the south, you won’t believe me, even if I explain it to you. The thing is, when I was