Because Presentation is Half the Battle

Because it was Christmas Eve and because I didn’t cook for Thanksgiving, I decided to go the extra mile and break out the candles.  After all, presentation is half the battle, or something like that.  Anyway, I scrambled around the kitchen lighting the candles, filling our plates, and pouring sparkling lemonade over a few frozen cranberries carefully placed in champagne flutes.

When everything was as good as it was going to get just perfect, I yelled warmly beckoned my family to the table.  My efforts were not lost on them.  FringeKid immediately perked up, exclaimed over the “fine dining”, and even offered up a toast.  She also pointed out how nicely the candlelight hid the mess in the kitchen, but like I told her, “there’s no need to mention that.”

I made a new recipe Christmas Eve, the Pioneer Woman’s Macaroni & Cheese.  We also had french-cut green beans, and my favorite Sally Lunn bread.  I really wowed with this meal.  Never underestimate the impact of macaroni & cheese and a can of green beans.  FringeBoy asked if I sliced each of the green beans into all those little shreds like I did the cheese.

“Why of course!”  I exclaimed.  “I so enjoyed making 769 vegetable slices.”

Neither Martha Stewart, nor Donna Reed could have anything to say in the face of hand sliced green beans, but it got better….maybe it was too much sparkling pink lemonade.

After a few bites of his macaroni & cheese, FringeMan looked at me across the table with the reflection of flames dancing in his eyes and said appreciatively, “This is high-class macaroni & cheese.”

Watch out world!

This momma’s found her FAIN-CY.

I foresee all beef hot-dogs in my family’s holiday future.

I also made THIS RECIPE for Christmas day and it was wonderful.  I’ll just neglect to tell you that I had to make the cranberry sauce twice and the pork glaze twice.  Hey, for some the third time is a charm, but thankfully my lucky number seems to be two.

Did you cook this Christmas?


  1. Wow. I bow to your greatness…you “cooked” for Christmas eve AND Christmas day! :-)

  2. I cook what is the traditional Christmas dinner here – turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, carrots, sprouts, gravy, cranberry sauce……

    We had 8 for dinner – I love it as you get lots of praise and credit and everyone else cleans up afterwards!

    This year I had Christmas baubles as part of the napkin rings and jingly bells tied to the glasses (very Martha-ish, although here we would maybe now say very Kirsty-ish) and of course crackers.

  3. I made my famous queso for one of our family gatherings. That was the extent of my cooking. Oh! And I baked ready made sugar cookies. Uh huh. I am the next Barefoot Contessa. ~Mindy

  4. I’ll have to look up that fancy macaroni and cheese. Every time I make homemade macaroni and cheese, my youngest doesn’t like it and asked why I didn’t make the kind from the box with the cheese powder. So classy.

    I definitely cooked. Lots. We did brunch down here. Love it.

    BTW, I commented back on your comment on my post today. I knew you would have something to say about that post. I think you’re the only New Yorker who reads my blog and the friendliest New Yorker I know.

  5. We cooked the whole she-bang and it was YUMMY!!!
    It’s almost gone too. An 18 year old Boy does a pretty good job of Hoovering up those leftovers!

    So glad your high class mac and cheese was a hit! I bought the stuff to make The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls, but never got around to it. Maybe this week. We still need to make cut out cookies too. Family tradition and all.

  6. I cooked turkey with all the trimmings. It turned out perfectly. Why do I have trouble with every day meals?

  7. I baked. No cooking on Christmas, other than breakfast.
    What was FringeKid’s toast?
    Glad you enjoyed your Highly Classy dinner!

  8. I guess low class comes outta a box! Either way, we take the praise where ever and when ever we can get it, right? Mighty fine dining at the FringeHome indeed! Did y’all dress for dinner as well. I want to see some faincy pictures please.
    I cooked…just not as much this year. It was more about desserts and less about healthy…Merry Christmas to me!
    I smell a cookbook or it that the cranberry sauce?

  9. Ha! High Classed Mac N Cheese. Change/tweek ONE ingredient so that rename the dish that – too funny!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  10. lol!!! you are too funny. im so glad your meal was a hit!

  11. Nope, I didn’t cook. Went to my mom’s for Christmas Eve. I did bake cookies & brownies though. And we went to his mom’s for Christmas. We brought the meatballs, but my husband made them not me. So I got off really easy this year! Oh who am I kidding…I get off easy every year. No one wants to eat my cooking! lol

  12. Way to go! Sounds like that high-class mac and cheese was a huge hit. I didn’t cook at all this Christmas. When you have surgery just days before Christmas everyone feels sorry for you and they do all the work. It worked out perfect for me!

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