Birthday Party in The Park

After a pretty spectacular birthday party in the park this weekend, I’m joining Lisa Leonard in saying Hello to Monday.

I’m ready to officially change my children’s birth-dates to a summer month, because sunny skies are way easier to work with than snowy roads.

birthday party in the park

I cannot tell you how thankful I am that Saturday was gorgeous.  I woke up early and the skies were ominous, but the weatherman promised it would clear and be beautiful, so I said a prayer and boiled lots of hot dogs.

My Kid is a Hoola-Hoop Maniac

My son is really good at hula-hooping.  When he was as little as six or seven, he could get two hula-hoops going at the same time – one around his neck and one around his waist.

He could also bring a hoop from his waist up to his neck and down again.

He’s got the moves my friends.

Hula-hooping in the park

Friends of ours brought the hula-hoops and a trick bike.  It was impossible to ride, but believe me, we all tried.

All you have to do is gather a group of kids and tell them you don’t think they can ride the bike and of course, everyone wants to ride.

FringeGirl with some water balloons

I was absolutely psyched for the water balloon fight.

We had around 75 water balloons that I filled the night before.  As you can see, a couple of balloons didn’t make it.

Did you know that one little water balloon holds about thirty gallons of water?

Judging from the flood in my kitchen, I know it’s true.

kids with water balloons

I had a super-giant water balloon with FringeMan’s name on it, but while I was taking pictures, the kids went psycho with the balloons.

I still can’t believe they used my balloon and FringeMan escaped the drenching.  It’s a good thing this summer has only just begun.  I’ll get him yet.

FringeMan with cupcakes

I made around 142 cupcakes.

No joke.

I think my kids invited half the town, but we have this teensy-tiny problem.   Hardly anyone ever comes to our parties.   Ever.

It’s the strangest phenomenon.  After four years, I’m still trying to figure out the people in this town.  I’ve lived in several places, all unique and very diverse; however, this little town may be the most challenging of all.

You can tell by the number of cupcakes, I was being overly optimistic this year.

water balloon fight

FringeMan made marshmallow shooters.

For those who may not know, marshmallow shooters are made from PVC pipes.  They are like blow guns that shoot darts, only these shoot mini-marshmallows.

The kids (and grownups) had all kinds of fun with them.

marshmallow shooters

It looked like it snowed in the park.

There were marshmallows everywhere!

FringeKid with Marshmallow Shooter at Party in the Park

The marshmallow shooters were the party favors.

I’m going to post a marshmallow shooter DIY tutorial later in the week.  Just in case you want to make one, or forty of your own.

Boys have a marshmallow war in the park

In the end, I’m glad we delayed the kid’s parties six months.  It was worth the wait!

If you’re looking for more party ideas, check out this shaving cream party…now that was crazy FUN!

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  1. says

    People don’t know what they are missing by not coming to your parties. I definitely would have loved it. I’m a January baby, and I don’t like winter birthdays either, but I did right by my kids and birthed them in April, June, and August.

  2. says

    SO glad the day was beautiful. You look like you meant biz-ness with those water balloons friend! Hope the kids took good cover. ;)

  3. says

    Looks like lots of fun! My kiddos have winter birthdays too and I’ve thought about doing the half-birthday thing. Outside stuff is a fun way to celebrate.

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