A Blogging Hiatus (almost)

I was going to take a blogging hiatus, indefinitely, except on Thursdays, because that’s the day I write for Fancy Little Things.  So it would be more like a part-time hiatus.

I can’t even do hiatus right.

That pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right now.

Yup.  It’s not a great time for me.  Imagine me, the computer, and snacks, alternating salty and sweet.

I may need an intervention, or a wilderness experience.


DIY Collage Scrapbook Paper Tile Picture - Where Hope Lives


You know the kind…where you pack a bag and take a hike out into the middle of nowhere to sit on a rock and get in touch with God, your inner child, and nature itself.

Only I’d really like my wilderness adventure to happen in a Holiday Inn with a spa right around the corner.  They even play cd’s with exotic bird sounds and waterfalls.   I’d say that was real close to nature, minus the poisonous snakes.

Instead, my wilderness looks a lot like a pink fuzzy bathrobe, a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, and laundry that refuses to clean itself (or put itself neatly in the hamper).

I wasn’t taking a blogging break because I have nothing to say.  I mean, that’s rare, but there’s too much else that’s clouding my thoughts right now.

And, people keep tell me to write a book.

Do you know many pages are in a book?

The bigger problem…

A book about WHAT????


Go ahead and make suggestions, because I go round and round with ideas and I could be stuck in this circle for the next thirty years.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a wilderness couch calling my name and a big pink fuzzy robe that helps me connect with my inner child.

I’ll see you after my hiatus is over, or on Thursday, whichever comes first.

Ok, the truth is I’ll probably write something tomorrow, but let’s still pretend this is a hiatus.

Humor me please.





  1. says

    I keep considering the hiatus thing and by the time I make up my mind a long time has passed since my previous post so am not sure if the time considering a hiatus and not writing is the hiatus itself. Does that make sense? Have I missed the joy of hiatus wasting time thinking about it?

  2. says

    I’ve been on a faux hiatus too. My mom and stepdad are in town for a total of two weeks. It’s really hard to spend time with family you only see once every couple of years and blog at the same time.
    I think you should write about how you to live freely in Christ’s liberty, as a wife and mom. In my opinion you’re at your best when you write about your fringe filled family “mishaps”. You don’t have a pharasaical bone in your body and people need to hear and know more about that. You could write a small e-book first and then expand it later if content was an issue.

    • says

      Non fiction. I have SO MUCH to learn about writing fiction. I actually won a critique of my first 30 pgs of a work in progress. In many ways, it wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I clearly don’t know anything about “point of views” and when to and not change them. I think that’s something to tackle in the future.

  3. says

    I think I know these feelings. They sound like ones I’ve had. I’ll bet you can youtube a wilderness soundtrack or something, if that helps. Praying for you to figure out these things, to untie the knots and get some peace & direction! And a book about what? When I figure it out, I’ll let you know. I’ve asked myself the same thing, multiple times. Peace, friend!

  4. says

    A hiatus is not a bad thing my friend…if you can bring yourself to do it! Praying for a refreshing day for you!

    And that book…how about doing something with your 30 Days of Faith series? It was really good…

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