Bragging Rights…just this once

Excuse me while I morph into an annoying parent for a few seconds, but I think I’ve earned bragging rights just this once.  Last night was the art show in school and let me tell you, there are some talented kids in my town and I know talent when I see it.  I am the master of not only the stick figure, but also flying “v’s,” better known as birds.

FringeBoy had three masterpieces submitted and not every kid had something hanging for all the world and the people in my little town to see.  FringeKid also had a work of art selected featuring none other than our pain in the butt sweet and lovable dog.

FringeBoy's Masterpiece #1 - The Covered Bridge

FringeBoy Masterpiece #2 - The Abstract G

FringeBoy Masterpiece #3 - The 'I don't really know what this is, but it's kinda cool and 3Dish'

And finally FringeKid’s Masterpiece…

I am certain they take after their mother; however, the grandmas have other ideas.


  1. We believe that everyone’s got bragging rights. You have every right to be proud!! I also love all the support you’re getting from others. This is what I want to feature on my website.

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    Thank you!!

  2. Ooh I love the abstract ones! You have quite a talent on your hands!

  3. As an art teacher, I can say that FringeBoy’s perspective on that covered bridge and road is awesome for a fourth grader! His abstract shows a good hand in craftmanship and Fringekid’s puppy dog is absolutely FAB!
    Give those kids a ribbon for me…

  4. Wow…very impressive!

    Great work Fringefamily!

  5. robinaltman says:

    Those are true works of art! I’m digging the abstract thing FringeBoy’s got going. Maybe he’s a future Escher?

  6. Awesome work. The talented started with the Grandmas!!!

  7. those are too cute! I like the G, was he inspired by the one you painted for the living room or vice versa?

  8. That’s not bragging, that’s your JOB!
    Very nice work, FringeChildren!

  9. You most certainly have the right to brag on your kids. It’s your blog and besides we love hearing and seeing stuff about your kids. Hey, we all do it on our blogs. I believe you have a budding artist on your hands.

  10. Love this post. I adore FringeBoy’s interior of the covered bridge and the eyes have it on FringeKid’s rendition of Oriana/Orienna. You certainly have reason to be proud. I give each of these an A+, three (3) happy faces, and two (2) stars.

  11. Oh my goodness, brag away cuz these are awesome! I would frame these and make an art wall. It would be so fun.


  12. You have every right to brag. Two budding artists and dramatists as well! :)

  13. What incredible talent! You have every right to brag.

  14. Our PTO did a fundraiser where the kids in the classes submitted one line drawing of anything for a school coloring book. Looking at the pictures really makes me smile. It was a pretty inexpensive fundraiser and they did a pre-order ($3 ea) to get a feel for how many to make.

  15. These are great, treasures to keep, someday you can show them to their 20 year old friends and they will groan…
    Maybe you should start getting their etsy shop set up now….

  16. thedomesticfringe says:

    I guess I should mention that FringeBoy is in 4th grade and FringeKid is in 2nd.

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