Bright Colors & Scarves

It’s What I Wore Wednesday (aka stupid photo day), the day when hundreds of women around (dare I say the world?) the country gather to find and give fashion inspiration.  It’s not so much about making a fashionable outfit as it is making an “outfit”.

Sometimes when women stay at home or work from home, they have a tendency to wear their bathrobes and yoga pants all day, every day. (Not that I would know anything about that.)  WIWW is a reason to get up and get dressed, sometimes even all fancy-like.

closeup mustard sweater & scarf

I only have one outfit for you this week, and here’s my reason.

It is blasted cold outside and windy to boot.  I don’t mind standing in the snow, but the wind turns me into a brightly clad popsicle in mere seconds. I can’t stand the thought of going outside to take a picture and I can’t seem to get good indoor photo.  Maybe it’s my lighting or my camera, but I suspect it’s my photographer.

mustard sweater & scarf

Anyhow, I think it’s a good outfit, at least from the waist up.  The jeans are much more comfortable than they are fashionable and I think I could use some mustard color boot socks, but it is what it is and it’s certainly better than my bathrobe.

Jeans: Kohl’s, T-shirt: Gap, Cardi: Target, Scarf: Charming Charlies

So what about you?  Got any great scarves?  I’m liking the whole scarf thing more and more every time I wear them, and I especially love this bird scarf.



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    Gasp! I just happened to be wearing yoga pants and my bathrobe while reading this. Oh mercy haha! But this is super cute – it’s kind of making me re-think my general avoidance of scarves. Especially since my baby boy can’t rip them off my neck and break them.

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    Love the cardigan, and the scarf! You should do a scarf tutorial for your next post! I only know 2 ways to tie mine that look decent, and sometimes I need something a little different! :)

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    Pretty outfit and I love the scarf! I love scarves because they pull the eyes up and away from other flaws. Although it’s sometimes a toss up which flaw I wanted people directed away from. : ) What color/brand of lipstick are you wearing? I’ve really liked it in the last couple of pictures, but when I tried to find one like it, I ended up with dark purple. NOT a good look for me!

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      Jill, I actually get asked about this lipstick a lot. It’s my favorite and was a lucky find. It is L’Oreal Infalible #816 Lingering Mocha. I use a lip liner with it that I put all over my lips first…I outline the lips and then fill them, so it doesn’t look like tacky lip liner. I use it so the lipstick stays on longer and doesn’t spread off my lips. You know? The lip liner is L’oreal Colour Riche in Natural. Let me know if you get it and how you like it.

      And, true true. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to camouflage on which day.

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    You look good in that color combo :D If I wear mustard I look Jaundice lol. I am a fan of scarves, and those boots are great. Your right about the indoor photography. I’ve found natural light outdoors to be the best. Fun post!

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    So cute! I LOVE scarves more and more as well! Funny….one of my new favorites is a bird scarf as well! I got on the Kohl’s website for $5! It was part of a breast cancer awareness fundraiser and is lovely and sooo soft. :) Lately though, my scarves have been for much more functional purposes…..It is FREEZING in MN and my neck loves a good scarf to keep my warm!

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      Definitely difficult. I feel a little like I am hibernating. I’m dressed in so many layers, it can’t really be called an outfit. It’s more like I’m wearing half my closet at the same time! Try and stay warm. :-)

      And as for the tube socks, try turning them into boot socks. Stylish and warm?

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