Brownie Pops for January’s Germs

Since February is the month of love, January must be the month of germs.  Viruses are tearing through our home faster than I can call in sick for my kids.  When the nurse from my daughter’s school called this morning to say she had thrown-up and needed to go home, I almost cried.

The only place I’ve been in weeks is the doctor’s office and the post office.  Tonight was going to be a date night.  A church in a nearby town was hosting ‘Parent’s Night Out’, and FringeMan and I had a gift card to a local burger joint.

Going out tonight is the carrot I dangled in front of my nose all week long.

I guess I don’t really like carrots anyway.

I do like cake pops though.

Last week when we were going to the cancer center to visit my uncle, I made a batch of brownie cake pops for my aunt.  My uncle cannot eat, but I though she would enjoy a treat.

Here’s how I made them…


1 box brownie mix

1 tub chocolate frosting

1-2 bags melting candy chips

Cake pop sticks


Prepare brownies according to box.  Bake and let cool.  Crumble up the entire pan of brownies in a large bowl.  Really dig in and use your fingers and pulverize the brownies.  Add 3/4 can of frosting and mix thoroughly.  Shape into balls and refrigerate for about 30 minutes.  Melt candy pieces in the microwave.  Dip stick into candy and then into the center of the brownie ball (be sure not to make the brownie balls too large because they are heavy and will fall off the stick).  Coat entire brownie ball in melted candy and let dry.

Pop these guys into the fridge for a day or two and then enjoy.  They taste better after they’ve sat for a day or two.

I thought they’d be good for Valentine’s Day with a red candy coating and maybe a little candy heart sprinkle on them.

Hope you all enjoy a great weekend!




  1. Oh my goodness–we’ve so been there!! It seems that our month of germs always hits between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m not sure my husband and I have had a Christmas in the 7 years of our marriage without someone being sick or injured. This Christmas, my mother-in-law ended up with a frozen shoulder. And so it continues…

  2. I’m so sorry the family has the creeping crud!! Seems like it just gets passed around and with kids in school, well ……. Spring will come one day.

  3. Hope you get your night out eventually!

  4. You are such a thoughtful gal!

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