Call 911, My Computer is…

My computer is in the hospital for about a week.  She needs triple bypass surgery and possibly a new kidney. I feel like sitting at her bedside in ICU, holding her hard drive in my hands, and whispering life saving code.

She went in several days ago and sadly, I feel as though I lost a portion of my brain.  My computer runs my life.  This is a testing of my faith.  I am Peter standing on the water about to look down.

Ok.  So maybe I dramatized my separation anxiety a bit, but it’s unsettling not checking my email every hour.  If you email me with earth shattering news, I may not be found!

FringeMan has a computer – the great grandpappy of my laptop.  It rests on an old desk in the little space off our bedroom.  I can’t sit in that room for more than ten minutes or I run the risk of frostbite.  There’s no heat in there.

Besides, all my bookmarks are in ICU with my computer.  If you don’t hear from me for a week, you were bookmarked.

I am trusting the doctor, FringeMan’s friend, with the past six years of my life in photos.  Turns out my pictures take up more real-estate than both kids, their toys, my clothes, and FringeMan’s guns.  I had to buy my pictures a home of their own – an external hard drive.

Yes, I trust the good doc.  He is the computer man for the school district and he knows my laptop well.

I just love her more.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.  I’ll tell you all about my birthday soon.  It was a very, very good day.  And, it only snowed a little. ;-)



  1. oh goodness computers scare me. today mine started beeping manically and then turned off. when i turned it on there was a blue screen. i asked around the office and all the boys nodded knowingly and murmured ‘blue screen of death;’ as if this was an actual thing. i turned it off and on again. seems to be working :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Hope all is well with the computer ;)

  3. Hope your valentines day was LOVEly. Mine was incredible!

  4. Maybe you should get a photo of her? Hope she gets better soon! :D

  5. Computer problems come from the devil. I feel your pain. I had some bloggy/computer issues last week and they wiped me slam out. The mental stress is almost unbearable.

  6. I hate being without my laptop. I’m addicted! :) Hope yours has a full recovery.

  7. I hope you computer is up and running soon!

  8. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    So sad to hear of this illness in your family. My best wishes to your PC for a speedy and full recovery. My 9000 pics and 9000 songs are all on an external HD….and if it ever decided to croak…..I would drown myself in the lake! :)

  9. Good luck! I can only imagine the despair!

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