How I Make Money Blogging

How I make money blogging and how you can too

Recently, I’ve had several people ask me how I earn money through my blog, and that’s a great question. First, let me say, if you want to get rich quick, don’t blog.  If you want to be a shining star, don’t blog.  If you think you’re awesome-sauce, don’t blog.  Chances are you won’t get what you want. I blogged 3-5 times a week (sometimes more)

because parenting takes creativity, we’ve got Butt Roots

humor with children - because sometimes

Last night I was lamenting photo-less weekend.  “Now I won’t have a Hello Monday post for tomorrow.” My son, the one who used the word auspicious in conversation just moments earlier said, “Have a Mom Monday instead.” Now that’s not a bad idea, but it would require my children to do something funny, because let’s face it, the only mom moments you want to hear

Thinking Outside the Gym Box

Health & Fitness: 5 Tips for Exercise

I’m thinking outside the gym box (and outside the Oreo box, but let’s not bring that up) and talking about some creative ways to get moving this summer. You see, I’ve always wanted to substitute liposuction for exercise, but I can’t get my insurance company to believe liposuction is necessary for my health and well being.  They don’t know I’m doing squats at death’s door!

A Printable Resource & Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips: 5 Things You Don't Want on your Blog

Blogging Tips I’ve given you 5 Tips for New Bloggers and went into each tip in detail.  I hope that helped encourage and inspire some of you in your blogging journey, especially all you new bloggers, but I’ve been thinking.  There are also 5 Things You Don’t Want on Your Blog. I’m over at Fancy Little Things today talking about these 5 things.  Maybe they’re

Saturday Night Stars – #12 – Link-up

here’s what you missed this week On Sunday, we began the week with some deep thinking.  It could be missinterpreted as stinkin’ thinkin’, but that all depends on your point of view.  My epiphany came while scrubbing the toilet. 3 Ways Your Life is Like A Toilet   On Monday we talked about Christian Cliches and explored what it means when we tell people to

Saturday Night Stars #11 – The Wild Side

here’s what you missed this week Sunday I remembered back to the time when my kids were just babies and I wasn’t quite myself. Truth be told, I may not have been fun or likable, but I was something good. I was a new mom. Maybe you can relate. Tuesday was all about A Mother’s Day Gift from My Grandma. My daughter gifted me one

Saturday Night Stars – It’s Your Time To Shine

Saturday Night Stars Button

Saturday’s come quickly.   Maybe it’s the nice weather, or maybe it’s the business of life, but the weeks seem short. I’d like for you to be honest with me. Should I continue to host Saturday Night Stars? I thought it was a good idea, but we generally only have about eleven or twelve entries.  Is that enough?  Are those of you who are playing along