Thinking Outside the Gym Box

Health & Fitness: 5 Tips for Exercise

I’m thinking outside the gym box (and outside the Oreo box, but let’s not bring that up) and talking about some creative ways to get moving this summer. You see, I’ve always wanted to substitute liposuction for exercise, but I can’t get my insurance company to believe liposuction is necessary for my health and well […]

A Printable Resource & Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips: 5 Things You Don't Want on your Blog

Blogging Tips I’ve given you 5 Tips for New Bloggers and went into each tip in detail.  I hope that helped encourage and inspire some of you in your blogging journey, especially all you new bloggers, but I’ve been thinking.  There are also 5 Things You Don’t Want on Your Blog. I’m over at Fancy […]

Finding Inspiration – New Blogger Series

Everything Begins Somewhere - Lily Pads Photograph

Inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient times, and I rarely have paper or a pen nearby. If your brain is anything like mine, ideas enter and then run away as quickly as possible. So take advantage of them when they come and write them down. Writing idea down when I get them is one of […]

Blogging Tips

new signature

Hey all! I’m running a series over at Fancy Little Things and my hope is that it will help us blog better and be influential. This is for new bloggers who want to learn the ropes and also for those of who have blogging for a long time and need some refreshing. Of course all […]

Steps to Better Blogging

3 Steps to Better Blogging

Hey friends!  I’m writing over at Fancy Little Things today and I hope you’ll hop over for a visit. I know it’s a pain to click a link when you usually read this blog via a feed or an email, but I’m honored and excited to be a contributing author at FLT. Today I’m continuing […]

Where’s Your Passion?

I’m thrilled and honored to be the new “Jill of All Trades” Author over at Fancy Little Things. About two years ago, I was their very first guest blogger.  As it turns out, God completely meshed us together and opened up this opportunity for me to write with the other fabulous authors.  I’m excited. I’m […]

Banana Split Cake – A Recipe

A recipe: Banana Split Cake

Hi! My name is Christy and I write the blog My Invisible Crown. I started in September of 2012 as a creativity outlet mostly since my kids are getting older and need me now in different, less time consuming ways than they did when they were small. My Invisible Crown is predominantly about food, it’s […]

Help to Adopt

Help to Adopt

Hey guys!  Christie from Satisfaction Through Christ is about to adopt a little girl, and she needs some help. One of the things I absolutely love about blogging is the community we create.  We are more than just online friends or bloggers.  We are real people living real lives.  We are on our own journey, […]

Sweet Hot Chocolate – A Recipe

Sweet Hot Chocolate - A Recipe

I’m so happy to welcome Jessie to The Domestic Fringe.  She blogs over at Dream and Differ where she talks about food, homeschooling, and decorating.  Be sure to check out her What I Wore Wednesday posts, because she always looks adorable. In October she ran a series called 31 Days of Comfort Food.  That’s when […]

DIY Canvas Photos

DIY Canvas Photo tutorial

Today I’d like to welcome Alissa from The Illiterate Author.  We go way back to the long-ago days in Maine when I had teeny little babies.  Alissa is an inspiring young woman who has bouquets of good things to offer blogland.  I’m so happy she’s here to share this DIY project with us. Welcome Alissa! […]

Taps For Me

Whip Cream Kids

Today I’m writing over at An Army of Ermas. You simply must come visit me. I’m talking about our road trip and how past sins came back to haunt me. Have you ever heard Taps played on a kazoo?  No?  Me either, until recently.  The tune is about as mournful and haunting as a kazoo […]

Spring: Time for Something New


Spring has sprung!  At least in New York.  I don’t know if winter will show his ugly face again, but I’m not even going to give it a second thought.  I’m too busy with something new. You see, after a prompting by Stacey, the editor and fearless leader of An Army of Ermas, to try […]

This One is Personal


Today I get to be a guest on my friend’s blog, The Alliterate Author.  I’ve known Alissa and her family for about twelve years.  Her sister babysat my son when he was just a wee little lad.  Now he’s on the verge of the terrible teens and my friend is a newlywed.  She and her […]

Throwing Red & Pink M&M’s Your Way

Hey Peeps! Ok, I never say peeps, but I have marshmallow chicks on the mind.  I am dieting you know. Let’s kick this month of love off the right way, with Romance on a Budget.  That’s what I’m talking about today at An Army of Ermas. Come visit me and I promise you’ll laugh, you’ll […]

Summer Creativity ~ Be Inspired

Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series Summer Creativity ~ Be Inspired Today I’d like to welcome Jeanne.  She is a super-creative, delightful woman who has accomplished so much in her young life.  She has a lovely family and a thriving business.  Her blog inspires, challenges, and guides women to find their passion […]