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Last night I was lamenting photo-less weekend.  “Now I won’t have a Hello Monday post for tomorrow.” My son, the one who used the word auspicious in conversation just moments earlier said, “Have a Mom Monday instead.” Now that’s not a bad idea, but it would require my children to do something funny, because let’s face it, the only mom moments you want to hear

Tell All – Confession Time

Friend Graphic with two owls sitting on a branch

Today I tell all. Or at least a few things you may not have known about me.  It’s confession time on The Fringe. I thought I would take this opportunity to get to know you a little bit better, but it’s hard for me to entice you into spilling your guts in the comments, so I’m going to go first. After this, you should feel

One Target Dress Worn Seven Ways

Fashion Remix: One Target Dress worn Several Ways

1 Dress Worn 7 Ways In this post, I will show how you can invest twenty bucks into buying one basic dress and then wear it seven different ways. I wish all my clothes were this versatile. I’ll also be adding this to The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday. Style #1 I bought this Target dress back in September.  I checked the store’s website

The Library: My Office Away from Home

The library: My Office Away from Home

Hello Monday Since this weekend was a bust, I decided to show you our library, my office away from home. I mean, I could talk about how FringeMan came down with the stomach bug, but that’s not a good Monday morning topic. Let’s just say I declared the second floor of our house a contamination zone and I slept on the couch. The kids and

Life is Short. Wear Your Tiara.

life is short. wear your tiara sign

My daughter got a tiara for her birthday.  She’s an eleven year-old princess. We went to our favorite accessory store, Charming Charlies, and gushed over the amount of eye candy – beads as far as the eye could see, and purses with bows.  It was a rainbow of girly goodness and we found our pot of gold. She stood in front of a wall full

3 Things For A 13th Birthday

birthday advice for a teenager

Today is my son’s thirteenth birthday.  When I held him in my arms for the first time, I couldn’t really see ahead to this day, not even in my imagination.  Goodness, I couldn’t see ahead to solid foods.  I was afraid to give him his first bath and I didn’t know how to burp him correctly. I loved him fiercely and I cried my eyes

The Cure for Dry Skin

A treatment to help cure exceptionally dry skin. It's cost affective and it works!

My skin is dryer than the Sahara Desert on a sunny day in August.  I wish I were kidding, but the battle for soft, well-hydrated skin began in childhood.  Dry flaking skin with patches of eczema has always been part of my life. Dry skin becomes worse in the winter.  If you have dry skin, you know heat, extremely cold temperatures, and lack of sun