Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Top Left:  DIY Tree Slab Side Table – You guys, I’m making two of these for our nightstands.  Won’t that be cute?  Except, I’m thinking about removing the bark from the edges and painting the edges a color and then staining and clear-coating the top. Bottom Left:  Gold Polka-Dot Wall – sent me a […]

DIY: Hand-Painted Linens

Hand Painted Linens - DIY

Ever since I saw Emma and Elsie paint napkins on A Beautiful Mess, I’ve been itching to try my hand at painting linens. It takes me some time to get around to things, but the other morning, I woke up feeling crafty.  I think it was the sunshine and the slightly warmer temps, because I […]

Chalk Paint: How does it hold up?

Chalk Paint: How does it hold up? An honest review by a novice DIY'er.

I want to give you a little update on the desk I painted with a homemade chalk paint mixture.  I had not previously used this method and I was more than a bit skeptical.  I mean, it seems weird to mix paint with plaster.  Add the final step of waxing painted furniture and it sounded […]

A Creative Boost

A Creative Burst - Scrapbook kit

I’ve been low on creativity.  Actually, I’m at below empty in the creative department.  I’ll go ahead and pass the blame – too long of a winter and a month spent in Georgia has messed with my mind.  Every time I think of an idea, it just kind of floats around in my head and […]

The Traveling Lamp

Desk Lamp - Like the Pixar Lamp - from

I live in a small town, a very small town.  Small towns have many advantages, especially when it comes to raising kids; however, sometimes it gets freaky close. I didn’t grow up in a small town, so this way of trustworthy living is all new to me.  Things are still done on a handshake around […]

Washi Tape Ideas & Inspiration

Washi Tape Ideas and Inspiration

source:  garland /candles / collage – unknown / tree / flowers – unknown / cards / house Washi tape is transforming our world one piece of sticky tape at a time, at least that’s what Pinterest has lead me to believe.  So, when my son asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said “Washi […]

How Pinterest Helped Me Find My Style

How Pinterest Helped Me Find My Style

For the longest time, I never really knew my style. I like old, new, modern, vintage, and country.  Throw in touches of white paint and I’m a shabby hodge-podge of style.  My decor ends up looking more like a community yard sale than a well-thought collection of things that reflect my personality, but for girls […]

Best of DIY – 2013

Best DIY of 2013

Best of DIY – 2013 Top:  Marshmallow Shooter – We made these for my kids 1/2 year birthday parties in the park.  They were definitely the hit of the party, especially with the grownups. Middle Left:  Home Office Transformation – I love, love, love this office/playroom space.  The chalkboard wall is so much fun and […]

Free Printable Calendar Pages

Free Printable Calendar Page - Do Hard Things

I’ve been in the midst of a calendar crisis. If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll realize how stupid that sounds.  I don’t use a calendar. Wait.  What day is it? Last night my daughter asked, “Is my chorus concert Wednesday?” “No.  It’s next week.” “Are you sure?”  she asked. I’ve learned […]

DIY Home Office Transformation

DIY Home Office Transformation

I am beside myself.  To say I love this space is like saying chocolate is just ok.  What?  Make that stuff liquid and pour it in my veins.  Chocolate is my life-blood. That’s how I feel about this space.  I am head-over-heels in love – to the moon and back – beyond a shadow of […]

Chalkboard Paint & Wall Decals

Eclectic Home Office / Playroom - Home

This is the chalkboard wall that changed my life. Ok, not really, but I’m surprised by how much I like it.  I was really afraid to paint an entire wall in chalkboard paint.  I thought it might make the room look like a cave and I definitely didn’t want my son and his friends to […]

DIY: Trash to Treasure Desk Renovation

DIY Stain Painted Desktop Renovation

I am a master at creating work for myself. I could have ordered a compact desk for sixty dollars and spent an hour putting it together, but that would have been too easy. Instead, I spotted an old teacher’s desk put to the curb.  It was dismantled and in several states of disrepair.  I knew […]

DIY Bathroom Renovation – Before & After

Bathroom Renovation - Owl Bath mat

Since we’re all friends here, I’m going to ask you to show me a little grace.  This post needs grace and maybe a teeny bit of imagination. I’ve not claimed to be a style, DIY, or home blog.  Not at all.  I’m just living my little life in my tiny part of this world and […]

DIY Home: House Tour with Before & Afters

DIY Kitchen Renovation - Open Shelving

Welcome to My House Tour   This will be part fun house and part house of horrors.  Enter at your own risk. Our house is mostly DIY and all the work has been done by my husband and I with a shoestring budget.  And, our shoestring is thin and short and frayed on the ends. […]

Before & After: New Paint & Gallery Wall

DIY: Gallery Wall

If you follow along on facebook, you know I had a coupon for a free sample of paint, actually two samples.  I’m not great at choosing paint colors.  I have 5 gallons of the ugliest paint on the planet to prove my history of bad choices, but I am extremely impressed by Valspar’s spring line […]

An Indoor Succulent Garden

succulant plant - looks like sea plant

An Indoor Succulent Garden     My daughter and I planted a succulent garden, with one cactus for good measure, and because it’s pink. We took inspiration from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess and dug in. Our mini-garden didn’t turn out quite as polished as Elise’s, but we love it just the same.     […]