When God Fails You

even if not square

Have you ever felt like God failed you? Maybe you prayed really hard for something, had faith, and believed God was going to do a miracle for you, but He didn’t. He could have cured your disease, but He didn’t. He could have given you a new job, but He didn’t He could have provided the money you needed, but He didn’t. He could have

Good Friday

Good Friday - An Old Rugged Cross

When I was a kid, I took piano lessons in school, even though I didn’t have a piano at home.  You can imagine how great my practice sessions were without a piano. One Christmas, I somehow talked my grandparents into buying an electric piano for me to practice on. Don’t you just love how grandparents are so much more easily swayed than parents? Parents start

Walking in The Rain

When Going Means Walking in The Rain - a faith story

This story first appeared one year and one day ago on Flower Patch FarmGirl’s blog, one of my very favorite blogs.   I was her guest and I wrote my story in a tone that would fit the style of her blog.  So while it may not sound like me writing, it most certainly is me – pinky promise.  I came across it the other

How I Nearly Killed A Missionary

God's Got My Bakc - The Story about How I Almost Killed a Missionary

Did I ever tell you about the time I poisoned a missionary? No? Funny how some things just slip my mind. Till this day, I don’t feel bad about it.  He was pretty merciless with me.  Picked on me constantly, even though he and his sweet family were staying in our house, the Maine house. If you think I’m bad in the kitchen now, friends,

Give with Abandon

Give with abandon from a heart filled with thanks @thedomesticfringe.com. Find out how you can change your world.

I’m one of those people who plow through life stuck in my own little world.  Without a doubt, there will be one who says it’s not true, it can’t be.  Sadly it is.  Each day I walk by people I never see. Too often I’m consumed with the thirty things going on in my head.  I’m one of those people who cannot turn their brain

Once Portugal Bound, Now America Bound

Michael & Nina Andrzejewski

I am 50% Portuguese, the child of a Portugal born truck driver.  My dad came to America when he was a teenager, old enough to retain an accent and thoroughly confuse American sayings.  On occasion he’d slip from English into Portuguese all in the same sentence, Ricky Riccardo style. He drove a milk truck and a limousine.  I truly am the milkman’s daughter.  This had serious benefits for me

Love is An Action Word

Love is An Action Word @ The Domestic Fringe

Tonight my daughter told me that her friend is going to be evicted from her home.  This girl’s parents don’t have the money for their apartment anymore.  If they can’t find someplace to go, they are going to send this little girl to live with her grandfather in Tennessee. Then my daughter asked if she could move in with us.  You know, stay with us