Love is An Action Word

Love is An Action Word @ The Domestic Fringe

Tonight my daughter told me that her friend is going to be evicted from her home.  This girl’s parents don’t have the money for their apartment anymore.  If they can’t find someplace to go, they are going to send this little girl to live with her grandfather in Tennessee. Then my daughter asked if she could move in with us.  You know, stay with us

Amazing Grace

Last night was a sad night at church. When tragedy strikes in a small group, it’s different from when you have a thousand or even a hundred people.  It’s all-consuming.  It demands attention, not only from a few, but from all. Saturday night, a young mama fed and rocked her infant and then that little girl died in her arms. That child’s grandma and friends

Morality vs. Righteousness

Morality vs. True Righteousness - The clear difference shown from a Biblical perspective

Today I am going to attempt to show the difference between morality and righteousness. Why, you ask? Well, I did this exercise as part of a lesson in the Bible study Chase by Jennie Allen. She asked what the difference is between morality and true righteousness. I’ll be honest with you.  I don’t wake up in the morning thinking these deep thoughts, so I appreciate

Give it to God. What does that really mean?

Christian Cliches: What does it mean to "Give it to God"?

    We church people love cliches. It’s true.  We’ve got our own vernacular going and when you decide you want in, we are happy to teach you our lingo. I’m pretty much convinced we say some things and don’t even really know what they mean.  True story. Today we’re going to pick apart something you and I like to say every time we know

Living with Open Hands

Love fiercely but loosely. Don't hang on too tight.

    This world – these words and family and fun times – I’ve been hanging on too tight. I say “We only have this one chance, this one life.” I don’t want to waste it, to do too little, experience less than I could, but really, it’s only a drop in the bucket, as they say.  I never understood that before, and I’m not

I’m Flower Patch Farmgirl’s Guest

park bench Domestic Fringe

Please don’t faint on me, but I am a guest over at Shannan’s place, Flower Patch Farmgirl. I’m writing something completely different, sharing a part of my story I don’t normally talk about on my blog. I have a hard time seeing the boundaries and knowing what is good to write and what is better left unsaid, so I seldom talk about the serious stuff

Pay it Forward

lake on a sunny day

About seven or eight weeks ago, before we left on our long trip, one of my husband’s customers went to an Amish auction and stopped by our house to share his haul with us.  We tend to develop friendships with many of my husband’s customers.  No reason you cannot be friends with the people at work. Only my son was home at the time.  He

Hope Lives Here

Cancer Sucks, but there is always hope

This weekend we went into the city to see my uncle.  While he is being treated for throat cancer, he is staying in The Hope Lodge, a residential facility run by The American Cancer Association.  It’s a place for cancer patients and their families to live during treatment.  It is close to the major hospitals in NYC and brings commuting to a minimum.  Some patients

My Meeting with an Angelic Serial Killer

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One day last week when the sun was shining, I poured a glass of lemonade and headed outside with my two kids.  Public school was still in session, so the neighborhood was moderately peaceful.  The older woman across the street just brought her two yapping, fluffy balls of fur inside.  The neighbors on either side of us were in work.  I plopped into one of

My Plea to The Church

It’s ok when a woman’s unkindness affects me, but it’s intolerable when my children are hurt.

  This post is not a rant, but it is my heart splayed open across a blank page.  It is what I have lived and hated.  These things leave me scratching my head, my heart hurting.  These are the things that turn our children away from church.  They make women’s hearts grow hard.  They hurt people. If you see yourself in this post, it’s not