Shopping with A Teenage Girl

Shopping with Teens

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you wake up feeling good and rested? I know. Doesn’t happen often.  But, every once in a while we get a morning where we feel so good we even skip the wrinkle cream. Then we go birthday shopping with our teen (pre-teen, tween, whatever!). Going into Aeropostale (please substitute your kid’s choice of store) is like

All I Want for Christmas

My baby just grew up!

I remember the Christmas when all my son wanted was a jump rope.  He wasn’t dreaming of toys or games or sugar-plums dancing in his head.  The boy wanted a jump rope, and when he sets his mind to something, there is no swaying him. As luck would have it, we couldn’t find a jump rope in the stores to save our lives, or our

Four More Years & I’m Walking on The Moon


My baby boy is in high school. Tonight was orientation.  The kids got the generic “Do your best and be good.” lecture, and the parents got to run through the halls after their children, waving to teachers as they passed each classroom’s door.  It was loads of fun. I felt really old, maybe for the first time.  There’s something legitly middle-aged about having a kid

In A FringeField Far Away

Charlotte the bunny

…rests a little bunny named Charlotte McFluffypants. We don’t all agree on the McFluffypants surname, but my daughter insists. Charlotte was a very social bunny.  She came when I called, loved to be petted, and ate twice her body weight in food morning and night.  She begged for “snacks” the rest of the day.  When she was hungry, she would pick up her little dish

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dream Kids

I’m one of those people who love having people over.  It’s just fun. If you’re a first-timer to my house, I try and go the extra mile.  You know, I break out a dust rag.  If you’ve been to my house before, the only thing I can guarantee is that there will be dust, and it won’t be fresh dust.  Know what I mean? I