Shoe Crush

I Love Shoes - Fall Shoe Crushes @

  Top Left & Left Middle: Dansko Top Right & Bottom Left and Right:  Mel by Melissa Middle Right:  Sperry Boots   I’m totally crushing on these shoes for fall.  I mean, they are cute, right??? The days of wearing $20 shoes are over for me.  I guess that’s the real sign that I’m aging.  [...]

WIWW: Spring Outfits & Comfortable Shoes

WIWW: Geometric Top from Kmart

Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday, The Pleated Poppy’s fashion event of the week. If you’re new around here, taking pictures of my daily outfits may seem insane. I mean, who cares what I wore last Monday? I get that. I don’t care much myself, however, I absolutely love the hundreds of women who are [...]

Bear Paw – What I really Wore

What I really Wore Wednesday - Bear Paw

Today is Wednesday, and all over blogland, bloggers are showing you what they wore.  I’m sure their outfits will be just lovely.  Some may even throw in a photo of them in yoga pants in order to keep cyberspace “real”. But friends, I’m going to show you what’s really real. *Cue Bear Paw* My husband [...]

WIWW: Koa Wood Rings

Koa Wood Rings

Please note:  I polished my fingernails just for these photos, and the polish didn’t even last for twenty-four hours before chipping.  I was so disappointed.  Now, my nails are no longer “polished”, they are textured in blue.  They kind of look like tiny maps with random blue lakes pooling in certain areas.  Not pretty. I’m [...]

Ordering Eyeglasses Online

Prescription Eyeglasses bought online - a review.

I’ve wanted to order eyeglasses online for about two years, but I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. Will they fit? Will I like them when they are on my face? Will the prescription lenses be correct? I had so many questions and it seemed risky. Recently, I made my two-year trek to the eye doctor.  [...]

How To Buy A Bra That Fits

How to Buy a Bra that Fits - A practical guide - Most women are wearing the wrong size bra.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Figleaves. Most women are wearing the wrong size bra and don’t even know it.  Today, with the help of Figleaves, I’m going to give you tips on buying a bra that fits. Gentlemen, all three of you who read, this is your time to [...]

In The Bag: Best Affordable Purses

In The Bag: Tyler Rodan Purse

I love Tyler Rodan purses.  They are the best affordable purses I’ve ever bought. Now, I’m not much of a name brand person.  If you ask me what brands I like, I really wouldn’t have any idea.  I can tell you what stores I shop in (secret: it’s the cheap ones), but I don’t pay [...]

No Smudge Eyeliner

Smudgeproof Eyeliner

Remember how I once mentioned the fact that average women spend $100 a month on beauty products? Well, I’m not one of those women.  I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to skincare and my makeup lasts forever.  I’m sure it’s a petrie dish of bacteria, because I have some makeup that’s 7+ years old.  I [...]

WIWW: Shaking off Lazy

WIWW: Shaking off lazy

Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday, The Pleated Poppy’s fashion event of the week. If you’re new around here, taking pictures of my daily outfits may seem insane.  I mean, who cares what I wore last Monday? I get that.  I don’t care much myself, however, I absolutely love the hundreds of women who are [...]

Down with The Pantone Purple

WIWW: Pantone Color of the Year - Radiant Orchid

It’s What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy and I have one outfit, only one. My wardrobe is in crisis mode.  If this winter drags on too much longer, I may be reduced to a paper sack. Where did all my clothes go?  That’s what I want to know. I cleaned out my closet [...]

Skinny Jeans – I’m Eating Crow

WIWW: Blue blouse, scarf, necklace

Remember the time I waxed eloquent on the horrors of skinny jeans?  Well, today I’m joining The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday and I’m eating crow. It’s quite the funny story, but it involves a Mexican mama with a big butt.  I fear someone will take this story wrong and think I’m prejudiced, [...]

Beauty Box Review

BeautyBox 5 - a beauty subscription service review

  Beauty Box Five is a subscription-based beauty service.  The cost is $12 per month.  The goal is to introduce you to new brands and great products.  This service helps you navigate the masses of cosmetic and beauty products available. Beauty Products – In My Box Jean Pierre Cosmetics – Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues Coolway [...]

Affordable Fashion – Be Inspired, Be Creative with Your Clothes

Affordable Fashion: Be inspired! Buy InStyle and People StyleWatch Magazines and recieve a $5 gift card from Target - Details in link

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and People StyleWatch and InStyle magazines, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PeopleInStyle   I am fully convinced that if women want to, they can wear clothes that are in style, trendy, and affordable. If ten women [...]

WIWW: All About The Shoes

WIWW: J. Renee Wedge Shoes in Snakeskin and Suede

Jacket & Pants: Kohl’s, Shirt: Hand-me-Down, Purse: Charming Charlies, Shoes: C/O J.Renee Let’s talk about shoes for a moment, shall we? I tend to wear cheap shoes.  This has never been a problem for me.  I don’t have health issues that involve my feet or back, so cheap shoes have worked for me, until recently.  [...]

eShakti – Polka Dots & Ruffles Sheath Dress

Polka Dot Sheath Dress Belted

I’ve had the privilege to work with eShakti for the last few years. I love their company and how they willingly go the extra mile to accommodate our uniquely shaped bodies and our preferences over the details. I don’t know of another company that will allow you to customize the length, sleeve, or neckline of [...]

WIWW: Clumsy Runs In Our Jeans

WIWW Printed Scarf & Sweater

Jeans: Kohl’s, Boots: Dr. Marten, Sweater (?), Scarf: Kohl’s Right after this picture, I proceeded to fall in a hole and get grass stains all over my knees. I was on my way out and didn’t have time to go back in and change.  Of course. I told you I had a hard time finding [...]