ThredUP, An Online Thrift Store

ThredUP - an online thrift store

Today I want to introduce you to a “new-to-me” company that I am loving, ThredUP. It’s an online thrift store for women and children that buys and sells clothes, shoes, and accessories. I made a little video to introduce ThredUP and show you my most recent purchase. Please forgive me for being such a dork. Videos are certainly not my specialty, but I was pressed

Shoe Crush

I Love Shoes - Fall Shoe Crushes @

  Top Left & Left Middle: Dansko Top Right & Bottom Left and Right:  Mel by Melissa Middle Right:  Sperry Boots   I’m totally crushing on these shoes for fall.  I mean, they are cute, right??? The days of wearing $20 shoes are over for me.  I guess that’s the real sign that I’m aging.  I can’t stand being on feet all day in uncomfortable

WIWW: Spring Outfits & Comfortable Shoes

WIWW: Geometric Top from Kmart

Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday, The Pleated Poppy’s fashion event of the week. If you’re new around here, taking pictures of my daily outfits may seem insane. I mean, who cares what I wore last Monday? I get that. I don’t care much myself, however, I absolutely love the hundreds of women who are brave enough to plaster their pictures on the internet so

Bear Paw – What I really Wore

What I really Wore Wednesday - Bear Paw

Today is Wednesday, and all over blogland, bloggers are showing you what they wore.  I’m sure their outfits will be just lovely.  Some may even throw in a photo of them in yoga pants in order to keep cyberspace “real”. But friends, I’m going to show you what’s really real. *Cue Bear Paw* My husband is one lucky man. Pair the bear paw with really

WIWW: Koa Wood Rings

Koa Wood Rings

Please note:  I polished my fingernails just for these photos, and the polish didn’t even last for twenty-four hours before chipping.  I was so disappointed.  Now, my nails are no longer “polished”, they are textured in blue.  They kind of look like tiny maps with random blue lakes pooling in certain areas.  Not pretty. I’m finally wearing a wedding band.  FringeMan is relieved, as you