Cafe Mocha Frappuccino Recipe

Cafe Mocha Frappuccino Recipe with Carnation Breakfast Essentials - a Quick & Easy Breakfast

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Nestle, but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #BreakfastEssentials Mornings are hard.  Getting out of the door, on time, with the kids dressed and fed, homework done and signed, and the dog walked is a challenge requiring […]

Honey Buttercream Frosted Cupcakes

honey buttercream frosted cupcakes

Any honey lovers out there? My son is a honey lover.  In fact, he does the grossest thing with honey.  I’m not even sure I should admit this, because it’s a tad on the yucky side. He drizzles honey on hot-dogs, like most kids put ketchup on hot dogs. I know! It weirds me out, […]

Nutella Cheesecake Cookie Cups

Nutella Cheesecake Cookie Bites

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Facts Up Front program. My kids and I are in love with Nutella.  We spread it on sandwiches, and bagels, and bananas.  We top it with strawberries and granola.  We eat it right out of the jar. Well, I do….sometimes, but please don’t […]

Rolo Poppers – Salty & Sweet Snacks

Rolo Poppers = The perfect salty and sweet snack

Rolo Poppers are the perfect mix between salty and sweet and I do love me some salty and sweet snacks. How about you? My daughter’s best friend’s mother (that’s like 7 degrees of separation plus one family member’s friend) makes these every time she has a party and I love them, so I decided to […]

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Homemade Chicken Soup

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Homemade Chicken Soup - the ultimate in comfort food made easy

Chicken Soup – The Ultimate in Comfort Food   It’s nice to make homemade things, but let’s face it.  Life is busy and sometimes there’s no time to spend thirty-five minutes chopping fresh veggies, so what’s a girl to do?  Use frozen, already chopped veggies.  That’s what! It’s still homemade. Remember, this is the lazy […]

Save Your Mornings and Your Sanity

Save Your Mornings and Your Sanity with Jimmy Dean Sausage & Pancakes on a Stick - Breakfast on the GO!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jimmy Dean, but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #onthego I am not a morning person.  Before I had children, people understood that about me.  My coworkers would steer clear until I had a cup of coffee […]

Potato Cheese Soup Recipe

Potato Cheese Soup Recipe

I’m becoming the Soup Master, not to be confused with the Soup Nazi, but every bit as prestigious. As a child, I hated soup, all except my grandma’s string-bean soup.  Other than that, in my ten year-old opinion, soup was for sick people and old people.  Through the years, something happened.  Somewhere along the line, […]

Filled Shortbread Cookies

Filled Shortbread Cookies - Christmas Cookie Recipe

I love shortbread.  My favorite cookies are a little more on the buttery side than on the sweet side.  What can I say?  I love my fat (right up until the time I put on a pair of jeans, then, not so much). The other day I scooped out a spoonful of cookie spread and […]

Pizza Dip & Garlic Croutons – Recipe

Pizza Dip and Garlic Croutons - The Ultimate Party Pleasing Recipe

This post is part of a National Frozen and Refrigerated Food Campaign. The recipe is my own.  All content, photos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.  I am working on this post with the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. Pizza Dip – The Ultimate Party Pleasing Recipe Every single day I hear someone complain about […]

Sausage and Beans Recipe

Sausage & Beans Recipe

The first time I made this recipe, I was desperate for a different meal.  I wandered around our local food co-op, kind of a health food store/farmer’s market, and picked up a bag of fresh, locally grown Brussels sprouts.  Then I grabbed three vine ripened tomatoes and walk out of the store.  I headed over […]

Two-Step Pumpkin Spice Cookies

pumpkin spice cookies

After a few days of less than desirable dinners, I really tried to cook it up for my family.  I made meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans.  Then I thought I’d blow all their minds and bake a cake, but my daughter asked if we could make pumpkin cookies instead. Now, you […]

Best Apple Cake Recipe Ever

Best Apple Cake Recipe Ever - You need a piece of this cake.

A friend brought us a big bag of apples the other day.  I was going to make apple crisp, but my daughter turned her nose up to it.  She’s not a fan. So, I made the second best thing – Apple Cake. This cake is chock full of apples and it’s moist, so moist it […]

Cooking Over an Open Fire

Cooking Over an Open Fire

There’s a reason I avoided cooking for the first twenty-five years of my life.  I knew it would be dangerous. I should not be trusted alone in the kitchen, ever. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how many kitchen fires I’ve started over the years.  The worst was in a cast iron pan.  The flames reached […]

Low Cost Recipes – Less Money, More Food

Low Cost Meal: Beans & Rice

October is all about finding the Cheap Tricks that help us live for less.  We’ve talked about discerning needs vs. wants and how we can end impulse spending.  Then we talked about making DIY liquid laundry soap and shower cleaner, but this week our focus is in the kitchen. Food costs money, but with a […]

Health, Fitness, & Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Meals

Honestly Good Lean Cuisine Meals - Plum Ginger Grain-Crusted Fish @

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Lean Cuisine, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #HonestlyGood, #ad I’m in week three of the Christmas Crunch Challenge, a three month long health and fitness program aimed at making us stronger, healthier, and lighter by Christmas. […]

Recipe: Steak Roll-Ups

Low Cost Recipe: Steak Roll-Ups

I’ve been in a cooking slump to end all cooking slumps. I refuse to admit how many meals I’ve ruined in a row, but it’s gotten so bad that last night I made macaroni and cheese from a box and heated frozen green beans as a side. I didn’t trust myself to ruin any more […]