Buy Glasses Online with Firmoo


This past April, I received a pair of glasses from  They changed my feelings about buying and wearing glasses. In the past, I thought of glasses as being almost solely utilitarian.  My style was restricted by price and availability.  Now, thanks to online retailers, like, my glasses are both utilitarian and fashionable.  They are accessories, just like a necklace, scarf, or purse. Being

Why I Took A Vacation Day to Clean

House Cleaning Woes of a Working In-The-Home and Out-of-the-Home Mom

I took a vacation day today, so I can stay home and clean my house. I can’t imagine anything more pathetic, but if I don’t get this Christmas tree down soon, I’m going to have to make hearts to hang on it. I thought about selling the house, as is, and starting over with a clean slate, but my husband wasn’t quite on board with

ThredUP, An Online Thrift Store

ThredUP - an online thrift store

Today I want to introduce you to a “new-to-me” company that I am loving, ThredUP. It’s an online thrift store for women and children that buys and sells clothes, shoes, and accessories. I made a little video to introduce ThredUP and show you my most recent purchase. Please forgive me for being such a dork. Videos are certainly not my specialty, but I was pressed

Conquering Forty

Conquering Forty - one woman's journey into mid-life

Everything changes when you turn forty, especially for women. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I’m sure you’ve read the blog posts and magazine articles about life after forty.  There are bags and sags, bumps and lumps, and hair – wild and unruly, growing on your chin, nose, and toes. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I’ll be forty on February twelfth and

Scrappy + Crappy = Happy (scrapbooking)


After all my talk about New Year’s resolutions and letting go of baggage in 2015, I decided to take some of my own advice. I don’t always do that. Last Friday I took a vacation day, so I had this wonderful twenty-four hours of time to use any way I like.  I immediately thought of the to-do list lingering in the back of my mind.