A Season to Work


When I set my goals for 2014, I focused on “work” goals.  I mean, all goals take work, but I believed this season I am in is a season to work. I don’t really know why I’ve had such an impression about this time of my life, but I began 2014 ready to work. This [...]

Mother’s Day Gift Book

Mother's Day Gift Book, a printable eBook that's pretty enough to give as a gift.

You can never start preparing for Mother’s Day too early. Ladies, can I get an Amen? This year, I wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day, so I put together an eBook, only it’s not just a regular old eBook, it’s a gift book.  It’s pretty enough to print out and give as a [...]

Two are Better than One

Two are better than one.

Two are better than one.  Sure, that’s in the Bible and we always think of it in terms of marriage, but the application of that truth is so much broader than husband and wife. We need a team. Each of us has our own strengths and we’re pretty good on our own, but when we [...]

Liar, Liar, Your Birthday Cake’s on Fire

excerpt from Liar, Liar Your Birthday Cake is on Fire

I lied to the health department about my age. Of course, it wasn’t intentional.  I didn’t mean to lie.  It’s just that I’m so old I must be getting senile, because I can’t seem to remember where I am in this decade of my life. If I was intentionally being creative with my age, I [...]

Friends Bring Hope

Friends bring Hope - Part of the friendship series on The Domestic Fringe

I’ve been doing a little mini-series on Friendship.  Sometimes we forget how important our friends are to us.  I love that this series made me stop and reflect and be thankful for the friends God has put in my life. If you’re new to this mini-series, you can catch up on the previous posts at [...]

Raising Generations Today Conference Highlights

Raising Generations Today - Lisa-Jo Baker & Tricia Gillespie

This past weekend, I attended Raising Generations Today.  If you ever get the chance to go to a conference on anything, go!  You’ll leave blessed and full and recharged. Instead of me writing of me yapping about what a great time I had, I thought I would share some of the speaker’s highlights with you. [...]

Friends – Heaven Sent

T n Me workin hard!

I had just moved from New York to Maine.  I loved the foreign and frigid land that Maine is, but I was still in a bit of culture shock.  I went from city to the boonies in one giant move. I felt a little like I was on one of those shows where they drop [...]

Friends – How to Make Them

Friends: How do grown-ups make them? Part of a mini-series on friendship

The only way to have a friend is to be one.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Recently my son asked, “How do grown-ups make friends?” He was honestly curious.  We don’t go to school with a whole bunch of other “kids” our age.  The neighbor’s don’t knock on the door and ask us to ride bikes, so [...]

Friends – How to Stay Connected

Apron by So Four

I’m a bad friend. Ok, I said it.  It’s out in the open. I’m a better friend if you live close to me, but if you’re far away, I’m sorry. I hate the telephone with a passion that rivals my love for chocolate.  It’s the love/hate thing. Now, I like snapping pictures with my phone, [...]



When my daughter was really young, her favorite movie was Finding Nemo.  She would watch it again, and again, and again, until I began rooting for the little red-head with pigtails and braces. In fact, she liked the movie so much I made her a quilt with Nemo printed fabric. I know, a quilt!  Who [...]

Publix, Will you marry me?


I am in love with Publix. I’ve really never been fond of grocery stores.  They are on my list of “must do in order to survive”, like scrubbing the shower and cleaning the drain in the kitchen sink.  I don’t particularly like those tasks, but if I don’t do them, we’ll probably catch some flesh [...]

Almost Amish

I know I should be helping you change the world or something, but I can’t manage to pull myself away from the woodstove.  It chants, “More wood.  More wood.  More wood.” My husband doesn’t believe me.  He thinks I burn through all our wood for my own pleasure, but it’s really the stove.  I’m practically [...]

Winter Wonderland


I woke up yesterday morning to another twenty-four hours of snow and bleakness.  On the verge of the next deep freeze, I decided I could either wallow in a jar of Nutella or find something to redeem the day. I decided on pictures.  That makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  I’m not a photographer and I [...]

Stir Crazy – It’s a State of Mind

Stir Crazy - We're playing games and doing John Lenon impressions. Scary times people.

It’s January. I know, news flash, right?  You have a calendar too.  I get it, but it’s January. This she-bear can only hibernate for so long before she gets a little stir crazy, and by “stir crazy” I mean I’m grasping at any reason to leave the house.  I may have waited outside in the [...]

The High Price of Beauty

The High Price of Beauty - the average woman spends $100 a month on beauty products. I am so far behind.

The other I day I read (and I can’t remember where) the average woman spends $100 a month on beauty products. Whaaaat? How did I not get this memo?  You’ve all been shopping without me.  It’s no wonder I look so pale and forlorn, and here I thought it was the arctic weather and lack [...]

Personal Goals for 2014

Laundromat People

I pretty much fell off the face of blogland. What’s that?  You didn’t notice? I didn’t think so. Since I’m quite proficient at waiting until the last-minute, the days leading up to Christmas were pretty busy, not necessarily exciting or productive, just busy.  I messed up a batch of cinnamon rolls and then spent Christmas [...]