Virginia Home Tour – Living Room

Throw Pillows - Virginia Home Tour Part 2

Today is part 2 of my little home tour. (Click here for Part 1 – Sitting Room)  I always enjoy when other bloggers share glimpses of their home, so I’d thought I’d do the same. For those of you who are new around here, we moved from New York to Virginia one month ago.  Needless to say, I still have boxes that need unpacking and

Virginia Home Tour – Sitting Room

Eclectic Gallery Wall - Front Entry - Virginia House

Moving from New York to Virginia has been huge for me.  I’m not sure why, because I’ve moved out-of-state before, but this time it felt a bit monumental, like a forever after kind of move. We don’t plan on going anywhere for a very long time folks. There are so many aspects of this move that I can blog about, and quite honestly, it’s a

Pound the Pastor

Southern Style Sweet Tea on the Front Porch - the good life

If you follow me here on this blog, or on Instagram, you know we’re in Virginia.  The ship called Uhaul pulled into port and the Beverly Hillbillies set up camp in town.  People keep asking me if I’m settled. It’s a fair question, but a difficult one to answer honestly. I am. Not. Am. Not. Am. Not. The truth is, I don’t know if I’m

Coffee Makes The World Go Round

Crabbing in Virginia on the Beach

Friends from New York came for a visit yesterday.  It was great to see them, and my daughter got to spend time with her best friend.  We showed them the house, had lunch, and went to the beach.  There’s something magical about the water.  It erases all my stress in an instant. Does the beach do that for you too? We drove over to the

The Stress of Packing & Moving

Moving Tips for Packing Boxes and Relocating your Home

I was in total freak-out mode for an entire week. Now I’m better.  Kinda. We officially move on the 29th of June, but my bags are packed, and the truck is loaded and on its way to Virginia.  For a week and a half, it will just be us four, our mattresses, and several paint brushes. All of my clean clothes are packed.  Whatever is

Moving House, Home, & Pizza

Moving to Virginia - Crazy Packing Lady

Captain Hook delivered pizza Friday night, the weird upside down pie with the sauce slathered on top of the cheese.  As a self-proclaimed pizza snob, I’m just getting my taste-buds accustomed to this backwards version of my favorite food.  Central New York has a unique cuisine, and a wacky way of pronouncing everyday words like elementary.  They say “El-E-men-TARY”. (These are the moments I feel

Think On These Things

a touch of spring in a long, cold winter

I feel like I broke through the ice and am drowning in the frigid waters of upstate New York. That’s slightly dramatized, but all I’ve seen for the past few months are fifty shades of white, and I am officially over winter! My car doors hardly open because they are iced shut. My laundry room is flooding, despite my son removing every flake of snow