Celebrated With A Romantic Deer

15th, crystal anniversary

Last Thursday was our “crystal” anniversary – 15 years.  It’s a huge milestone and I am sure you are all tired of hearing about it, but I cannot let it go just yet.  I told you FringeMan wanted to celebrate 15 years with tall, cold glasses of Crystal Light, but I wanted more, something to commemorate this special day.

I went in search of the perfect FringeMan gift.  It couldn’t just be a new screwdriver (unless it had our anniversary or my face etched in the handle) or box of ammunition (always an appropriate gift for my mister).  I wanted special.

That’s when I searched Etsy.  I know it’s not a typical male gift shop, but hey, desperate times call for handmade.  After what only seemed like minutes of clicking (I am sure it was hours though), I stumbled on The Rustic Roost and spied a customized painting on burlap that had FringeMan’s name all over it.

customized anniversary gift from Etsy

If you knew FringeMan, you would know this is perfect.  After all, this was one of our wedding photos.

Megan from The Rustic Roost was so sweet and wonderful to work with.  She made up FringeMan’s painting and sent it right away, so that it arrived the day before our anniversary.  I can’t thank her enough.

We got a sitter for the kids and planned a nice dinner out, but I had a bit of a meltdown getting dressed.  It was a classic “I have nothing to wear!” moment.  Except, I really didn’t have anything to wear.  Well, nothing I wanted to wear.  You know how that goes.

I settled on a dress I love, but is really a little large for me now, so I altered it.  When I came downstairs I told FringeMan, “Take me anywhere, but do not make me walk through a metal detector!”

I had this dress held together with 13 safety pins.  13!

It kind of brought me back to my high-school days when hemming my uniform skirt with staples was a cool thing to do.

I asked my son to take a picture for What I Wore Wednesday and this is what I get.

anniversary dress and motorcycle boots

I don’t even have a head!

Maybe I should have safety pinned it on.

Because we have been married for fifteen years and FringeMan knows me well, he decided to let me pick out my own gift.  We generally don’t do gifts, but 15 years is 15 years!  A gift I was getting.

At first I tried to be traditional.  I printed out my 20% off Kohl’s coupon and I was going to get a watch.  That’s the traditional 15 year gift, but I didn’t really want a watch.  I could use one, because I do not have one, but…

Then I thought I should get a sewing machine.  I was wearing 13 safety pins after all, but FringeMan said that would equate to him buying me a toaster, so we scrapped that idea.  We weren’t going through any metal detectors anyway.

Then FringeMan said a few words that set me free.

“You’re not traditional or sentimental, so get whatever you want.”

“Take me right to Target, Baby!”

And he did.  That’s where I got yesterday’s outfit and I don’t regret it one bit.

So what do you do for your milestone anniversaries?

Are you sentimental?  Traditional?

Or are you like me…buy a romantic deer head and call it day.

  * The dress with the 13 safety pins is Target too, but it is older.


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    Congratulations on your anniversary and for finding just the right gift. What did your husband say when he got it? I often repair clothing with safety pins – but I don’t have a big stash of pins – so I have to rob one shirt’s pins when I need them for something else.

  2. says

    Congratulations! Fifteen years is a milestone! and I love your outfit and those boots! I now have boot envy!
    We tried to be traditional for he first few years. This year we didn’t do a gift at all, spending he money on a couple nights in a hotel instead :)

  3. says

    Happy Anniversary! 15 years is a milestone! My husband made me a necklace hanger and gave me a Home Depot gift card for our 12th wedding anniversary. Best gifts ever! I like that he is practical :) Heather

  4. says

    At first I thought that dress had crystals on it – how perfect for your anniversary! Happy Anniversary, and I don’t think you should ever apologize for making a big deal about it. 15 years is a major milestone, and you two should be so proud – I love hearing about couples like you!

  5. says

    You look marvelous in there safety-pinned dress, headless and all! I love the boots with. They are a nice calf height. Where did those come from? And that gift for your fringe man is fantastic. That would speak right into my own dad’s heart- will have to go check out that etsy shop stat!

  6. says

    13 safety pins! I wish I were so clever. You’d never be able to tell. Maybe ask for that sewing machine for your next big thing. ;) I’m mostly practical with gifts. I like to cook so I’m always asking for pans and cooking gadgets. But clothes are fun too!

    Happy anniversary! Congrats.


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