Chicken & Gravy, a Recipe

One-Two-three Chicken & Gravy: Easiest and Most Versatile Recipe, One pot cooking

Ok, peoples.  This lovely lady needed some new dinner ideas.  Don’t we all?!  My best idea was takeout, but the hubby’s don’t like that too often and neither do our wallets.  I took this picture like three months ago in hopes that it would one day become a bonafide (notice I like that word) post.

This recipe is SO easy, it is impossible to mess up.  If it could have been done, I would have done it.  Trust me or just come eat dinner at my house any random night of the week.

You can make this recipe…

in the oven – at 300 degrees for about 1 1/2 – 2 hours

in a crockpot on low all day

or on the stovetop in a large skillet with a lid.

Aren’t I accommodating?

You will need:  Chicken (enough for your appetites) – boneless breasts, thighs, even legs without the skin; 1-2 cans of cream of mushroom soup; 1-2 cans French Onion Soup; pepper; grated parmesan cheese or ‘shaker’ cheese as we like to call it.  The amount of soup depends on how much chicken you use and how much gravy you want.  If you have 7 kids, a husband (hopefully only one), and the dog to feed, add extra cans of soup.

Throw the chicken in the pot.  If you are doing this on the stovetop and want to get fancy, you can sear the chicken in a little olive oil.  If not, throw the chicken in the pot.  Pepper it according to taste.  I obviously like pepper.  In a bowl, whisk together the cans of soup.  Pour over the chicken, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and cook.

That simple!

Serve over egg noodles (as pictured in photo), rice, or mashed potatoes.  It’s all good.  You can also make this recipe with pork chops.  Just as good.

Hope you enjoy your dinner tonight!

By the way, I’ve been inspired by all the great ideas for fall blog carnivals, so I thought that every Friday in the month of October, I could host a Comfort Food carnival.  Comfort food is something different to all of us, so feel free to include whatever types of recipes you’d like.  I do hope you’ll participate.  Let me know if you’re interested!  I think we could all use some new recipes.


  1. I am always in the mood for comfort food! Especially in the fall!

  2. The dish was fabulous, loved it!

    • the domestic fringe says:

      Minnie, I’m SO GLAD you enjoyed it! I think you’re the first person that actually made on of my recipes. So happy!

  3. Sounds yummy! I see this on the menu for this coming week!!

  4. This sounds so yummy!! I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog very much!:) Thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment!

  5. I am totally bookmarking this page because I need more recipes for my crock pot!! This looks and sounds yummy!

  6. Sounds yummalicious! I’m there! (The “can’t mess this up” was appealing.)

  7. Thanks for the recipe, suppers done! Woo hoo.

    We all love comfort food don’t we, I’ll play along.

  8. That sounds like a good idea!
    I like crock pot recipes, just never remember to use them.
    Can I just confess that I hate to cook MORE as the years go by? I am so glad Honey is cooking more. He LIKES it. When he retires, I am passing the apron. I will be his helper, but no more COOKING.

  9. You are brilliant…and have excellent timing. I’m always thinking that I should use my slowcooker more (had it 3 years, used once). I think I will make this to have for supper tomorrow. I have everything I need for it already in my cupboard!
    Thanks FringeGirl!

  10. Looks yummy! I like how easy it is. Too many instructions and my eyes glaze over. ;)

  11. Looks delish!

    Comfort food sounds wonderful. As I’ve confessed before, I am a cookbook-aholic so you know I am going to be all for reading and seeing some yummy good home cookin’!

  12. This sounds good and I know my husband would like it! I’ll have to give it a try!


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