Chicken Tacos & A 5k

Warning: This post is random and completely pointless. Read only if you have nothing, and I really do mean nothing, better to do.


Palm Tree Pensacola Beach

I want to go away for three or five days and sit on a beach, take a nap in the sun, and then eat a heaping plate of fried shrimp.

I’m ready for school and progress updates and homework to be over.

I’m tired of looking at my floors and thinking I need to mop them.  The shower – I still haven’t scrubbed it, but dang it, my toilet is clean.  Was.  Clean.  It’s the constant maintenance thing that bugs me.

I’m painting wooden signs, like this one, for a big fair that celebrates female business owners in my neck of the woods.  I’m like an imposter, because I don’t really have a business, but I like to sell stuff.  It’s even more fun than making things.

Modern American Gothic Interpretation

I’m taking a break from my FringeVanilla this year.  I’ve already saturated the market in my area.  I need to let everyone use their vanilla.  Next year, will be the year of vanilla, but for now, that’s on hold.  I still have about a dozen bottles if anyone needs 100% Pure Vanilla Extract.

The beef and broccoli recipe I told you I was going to try turned out excellent.  It’s easy to make and is delicious.  You really must try it.  You won’t regret it and you can make it in the crock-pot, double bonus.

After the 5k last Saturday, my son stood poking my fat arm and watching the ripples.  Those are the moments when you understand why spiders eat their young.


walkers in 5k


I’m the one who looks like I have a balancing problem.  I wasn’t about to topple, but after I though I was done, someone told us to walk back to the starting line.  Good grief.  It seemed unreasonable at the moment, so of course, I pretended the extra three steps were going to kill me.  I just didn’t think my drama was going to be caught on film.

And no, I did not run.  I know running is the good blogger thing to do.  It counterbalances the butt spread you get from blogging, but I didn’t want to drop over dead, because let’s face it, I’ve been hibernating and eating comfort foods all winter.

If you didn’t even know I had a 5k last Saturday, it’s because you don’t follow along on facebook.  Come follow along!

I feel the need to rearrange furniture.  Do you ever get like that?  My rooms are small though and don’t lend themselves to rearranging anything, so it will be interesting to see how this funk works itself out.

There are mini disasters in every single room of my house.  I’m choosing to ignore them until further notice, or until Saturday morning when I start assigning any and all children in my house to clean things.  I’m not warning my kids, because then they’ll tell their friends to stay away, and the more the merrier.  You know?

Are there child labor laws in New York State?

It’s summer.  Winter was like two days ago, but now it’s 80+ degrees and incredibly humid.  I’m not even sure I can find where I packed away my one pair of shorts.

My favorite little ice-cream shack will not be opening this summer and I’m bummed.  They have the best chocolate ice-cream.

Last week I was on a chicken taco kick.  I dreamed of chicken tacos – taco shell + shredded seasoned chicken, whole little black beans, taco sauce (medium), a cheddar/colby mix of shredded cheese, and lettuce.  I ate them four days in a row and loved every single bite.  My children marveled at my infatuation with the chicken taco.  I told them it could be worse, I could be craving fish tacos.

And now my friends, it’s time for your random.

Go ahead and share.

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  1. Oh, for the random post now and then. I love ‘em. I had to laugh about the fish tacos at the end because my mom loves them and I detest them. Even though I grew up in Florida, I still think there is something majorly wrong with putting fish into a taco. ;)

  2. I love (love, love, love) the picture of you and your husband, especially next to American Gothic.
    (Full disclosure: I am not so culturally literate to have known that was the title of the painting. While I recognized it, I had to google the name. A true American. haha! :) )

  3. I love shrimp, but what is “friend shrimp”? ;-)

  4. I cannot run without my boxer!!

  5. you. crack. me. up! haha absolutely love you. That pic of you and the hubby made me do the ugly laugh in Starbucks, so the public thanks you for that LOL

    you’ve got me thinking of doing chicken tacos tonight for real.

  6. Needing to get things done so I am readng your post. LOL. My daughter called for help to move her furniture around on this overcast day. Her kids are zoned out after a full busy week. I don’t want to go to the gym every day even though ti is very important for me to do so for health. Why does she think they do? Usually they enjoy the child care yet by Thursday a preschooler and kindergartener’s traditional hump day they are wiped out! I am joining of joining their ranks! Have a fun day. :)

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