Christmas Cards – Extinct until Now

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We are fragile and yet so very, very strong at the same time.

I never realized that more than last year when my father-in-law was in a terrible car accident, the kind of accident that steals life away from you.  I know one of the hardest parts for my husband was being so far away from his dad.  It’s moments like these that make us wish we all lived in the same state instead of half a country apart.

Open Me:  Bring back Christmas Cards

My father-in-law, much like my grandfather, is one of the strongest men I know.  He suffered multiple life-threatening injuries.  I think he had more broken bones than whole, including his neck, but the Lord blessed him with his life.

Now, one year later, at a time when most people are retired, he’s back to full-time work.  His work is physically challenging.  He’s a dry-waller.  He had every reason to feel sorry for himself, to give up.  His body changed in an instant.

He chose to change with it – to fight harder, to be stronger, to never quit.

OpenMe:  Kids with grandparents

This past week another person in my family who is extremely close to me found out she’s facing a big health battle.  Right now she’s on the front lines and the days look a little scary and uncertain.

Once again I see in her how fragile we are, but also how very, very strong we can be.  We can rise to the challenge.  We can do hard things.  The Lord makes us strong and gives us hope.  He tells us not be weary in well-doing; reminds us we are victors.


Christmas Cards – Extinct until Now

I haven’t sent out Christmas cards in years, but this Christmas I want to send a few cards, thank a few people for being so strong and brave and determined.  This Christmas, I want to tell those people how much we love and appreciate them.  How happy we are to be part of their family.  Open Me is helping me do just that.

Creating Holiday Cards with

Open Me offers a wonderful selection of fun and really unique cards.  The hard part is choosing just one!  I know there will be a few people on my card list who get more than one card.

We narrowed the choices to these four and it was a toss-up between the hot air balloon and the bird.  The hot air balloon definitely got the most votes on Instagram.

Open Me Christmas Card Choices

The balloon was winner, until I saw the sheep. I’m not sure what came over me, but I couldn’t resist the “Fleece Navidad” message inside. My silly sense of humor got the best of me once again and my daughter loves sheep. She’d have them grazing in our front yard if she could.


Create personalized cards with and send them to family and friends.

I adore the fact that Open Me allowed me to customize my card with uploaded photos.  We added one of the kids on the inside and another on the back of the card.  How fun is that?  Grandparents always love pictures of their grand-kids.


OpenMe - Send personalized cards to friends and family with a click of the mouse

After my daughter typed up a message, all that was left was delivery.  We chose to mail our card, because everyone loves getting mail that’s not bills.  Then we scheduled delivery.

I’m a fan of customized cards.  I also love the idea of matching cards to situations and the personalities of my friends and family.  It makes the cards extra-special.

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Flower break

Are you sending out cards this holiday season?

Check out OpenMe.  They’ll  make writing out your cards a whole lot more fun!

Who has been an inspiration to you this year?

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    We do the good ol’ giant Costco photo card because it’s the cheapest! ;) Love the one you chose… I’m a sucker for funny taglines too!

  2. says

    That’s awesome! What a wonderful message of hope and inspiration! I try to do personal Christmas Cards to my family members, telling them all of the things I don’t say throughout the year. I think cards are a beautiful tool of communication. I tend to collect stationary. If note cards are on sale at a craft store–I’m a total sucker!! We tend to use Snapfish most of the time, for digital cards. But, I’ll have to check out openme.

  3. says

    I haven’t sent cards in ages. Good intentions and all that but this year I felt the need to send out a few and did. Loss of loved ones is especially poignant this time of year and for me is part of those especially warm comforting feelings which come from faith. Love your photos. Blessings to you all.

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