Cosmetics & Black Friday

I recently purchased a few new cosmetics that have made me very happy.  I don’t often buy make-up.  I use mine until it’s gone.  Shelf-life guidelines are ignored as I paint my face with the same boring colors day after day until I’m out of everything.  This month I ran out of foundation, moisturizer, lipstick and gloss…insert feminine crisis.  Only thing worse would be running out of mascara.

Or letting my daughter do my hair and makeup…

The Momma Lisa

Truth be told, cosmetics intimidate me.  I hate to buy something and then hate it.  I killed my money tree long ago, so I want to LOVE my purchases.

First, I tried Eucerin’s facial moisturizer with sunscreen.  Since I already managed to acquire a ‘sun spot’ on my face, I figure sunscreen is always good.  It doesn’t matter that the sun hibernates in northern states.  It was an eight dollar risk that I’m glad I took.  I like the moisturizer.  It gets fully absorbed and it’s good for my dry skin.

Second, I came to the conclusion that I just hate foundation.  Some brands give me pimples, others give me eczema, and the rest just feel like a mask.  Maybe I just haven’t found ‘the right one’, but I officially dumped foundation.  I’m only using tinted moisturizer now.  I like the extra moisture and sheer, light coverage.  Yes, you can see a few zits, but since I’m not fifteen, I don’t get a thousand pimples at once.  I think the strangers in the grocery store can deal with seeing a zit on my chin.  If not, there’s always therapy – FOR THEM.

I went to Target and stressed myself over finding a tinted moisturizer.  I ended up choosing Sonia Kashuk’s tinted moisturizer.  I am in love.  I definitely think it was worth the $12.

Next, I moved on to lipstick.  When I was in highschool/college, I wanted my lipstick to last for no less than 48 hours.  It didn’t matter if it was an oil-based permanent paint with a safety warning, as long as it didn’t come off on my cup.  I also gravitated towards the brightest lipsticks I could find.  At night, you could see my lips approaching before my body.  Lighthouses considered hiring me as a full-time beacon in the night.

Now I enjoy a more subtle, natural shade of moisturizing lipstick.  I think something happens to your brain after thirty and you just get smarter.  No offense to all those twenty-something’s out there, but the things I did to my hair and face should be punishable crimes.

My lipstick choice – Revlon’s Caramel Glace.  I even bought a matching lip-gloss since they were buy 1, get 1 1/2 price.  Who can pass up a good deal?

What I’m not happy with is my mascara.  Any suggestions?

Here’s the big question…


I really want to be at Target at 5am.  I’m still not sure if that’s going to happen, but it’s my heart’s desire right now.

PS  I added a ‘survey’ page to my header.  I’m curious to see what my audience looks like.  Check it out and take the quiz.  Thanks! :-)  Click HERE to go to survey page.


  1. says

    Cover Girl-Volume Exact I like it.

    I am with you on the buying of new cosmetics. NEVER fun, and always a possible waste of cash money. I think CVS has the same policy about returning it, no questions asked. At least they did.

    I may look into your lipstick. That has been my problem for the last few years. I don’t want the ‘stay on forever’ type. It makes my lips as dry as a bugs hull. Nana needs a little moisture these days!

  2. says

    I refuse to wear any make up every day. I’ll paint my face for a special occaision – but every day, it just isn’t going to happen. I might put some mascara on to go to work. But that’s only if I remember and it doesn’t cut into the time I need for the really important stuff about getting ready to face the day. Like putting on deoterant.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. says

    I used Marathon Mascara by CoverGirl from high school until about 2 or so years ago when they stopped making it. So, I have gone to the smudgeproof/waterproof Professional mascara by CG. I don’t like it as much as Marathon. And if anyone of CG admin is reading this. Bring it back. Ugh. Otherwise, about everything that touches my face is Clinique. My face is picky. ~Mindy

  4. says

    I like Mary Kay’s mascara and their mineral powder foundation. But I also have a Mary Kay rep that gives me half price, otherwise I’m not sure I would splurge.
    Black Friday? I don’t know. I doubt I’ll be out at 5:00 a.m. I might hit 6 or 7.

  5. Debra says

    I find a powder foundation is nice and light with good coverage. My daughter works for Chanel but swears by MAC mascara, what can I say? ;-)
    Alas, no black Friday in Canada!

  6. says

    Try Revlon’s Fabulash. I’ve used it for 40 years, what does that tell you? No kidding! I stick with what works for me. I’ve used the same foundation for about 20 years (Max Factor) and they suddenly quit making it. I’m going crazy trying to find something to replace it with. You’re lucky…you still have young skin that stays put. Wait until you can push it around and then talk to me about not wearing any! Stick with water based…anything else looks like a mask!
    I won’t be out Black Friday, but I guarantee Cat Daddy will be. Oh goodness, I hope he doesn’t buy me another maternity top just because it’s on clearance and in my size!

  7. Jenn says

    I use Maybelline Lash Blast or Lash Stiletto, both in waterproof, whichever is on sale. Need to use waterproof otherwise it smudges horribly. I always have trouble picking a foundation that matches my skin tone. I love Mary Kay’s Mineral powder foundation.
    Not sure about shopping on Black Friday.

  8. says

    My sis-in-law sells Mary Kay so I use their mascara and like it. I have also heard good reviews of the one in the orange tube at the store (can’t remember the brand).

    I’m still undecided about Black Friday shopping this year. I’m leaning towards going.

  9. robinaltman says

    I have weird greasy eyes which manage to smudge any mascara, so I use weird overpriced stuff that becomes little rubber tubes over my eyelashes. But, I’ve heard that normal people consistently vote Maybelline Great Lash in the pink and green tube as the best bargain mascara.

  10. says

    Nooooooo. I will not venture out on Black Friday. I love sleep too much to get out the door that early, and I’m a thrifty enough shopper the rest of the year, that I wouldn’t be too impressed, anyway.

    I have incredibly sensitive skin. I’ve learned to go with water-based foundation, which I use just a couple times a week (most days, I bare it). I LOVE Maybelline Pure Makeup (small, light blue tube), which goes on smooth and light, and balances my tone. It’s inexpensive, too, if you decide you want to try another kind.

  11. LJ says

    Just chapstick here.
    Does Rite-Aid still do returns on makeup? If you don’t like it you can return it policy? Worth a phone call.

  12. says

    Lovin’ that survey….I’m such a data hound.

    I wish I was going shopping on Black Friday. I will be in a Days Inn in Missouri.

    Best mascara ever? Still looking.
    Ones that will do until I find it? Bobbi Brown or Prescriptives.


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