D.I.Y Translates C.R.Y.

We decided to tear up our bathroom since Thursday is Thanksgiving and we are expecting my sister-in-law and her family right after the turkey glut.  I mean, why not begin a major renovation just prior to a major holiday and out-of-town guests?

Doesn’t everyone do that?

Sometimes there is no motivation equal to a house-guest, or two, or three, or four.

Things were actually going so smoothly this week that I began to fear the impending doom of home renovation.  Please understand, I am accustomed to great pits opening in the floor and swallowing you one misplaced shoe at a time.  We have renovated three homes in our short marriage.

We should be institutionalized.

After midnight last night, I attempted to make FringeMan take the oath of “Buy New” from this remodel forth, no matter the economic situation in our country or our wallet.

I saw in our future a nice condo on the beach with a maintenance man at our disposal.

Then I woke up and saw a hot mess.

Each night after work, FringeMan has been closing himself in the bathroom and removing lathe and plaster one little section at time.  One night he jack-hammered a chimney (yes, in our very tiny bathroom) for hours.  I thought his face would have a permanent shake.  The neatness ended last night.

We got stuck!  Actually the top half of the shower got stuck and no matter how we tried, we could not get it into the bathroom and in place.  It was a nightmare, literally, considering it was after midnight.  We had no choice, but to tear the better part of our kitchen wall down.

Thankfully we never finished this side of the kitchen.  If you’ll notice, I even stopped painting half of the door frame.

Those home reno shows on television lie.  It’s not neat, and it’s definitely not easy.  Well, if you have an army of contractors, it may be easy, but not if you are an electrician and me, armed with nothing but determination and a shop vac.

No the nasty mirror will NOT stay above my sink; however, considering the state of the bathroom, it’s all we’ve got at the moment.

I know you are delighted not to be living in my house right now.

We quit sometime after 1 am, as soon as we shoe-horned both pieces of the shower into its’ space.  I was so thankful I waited to strip the bed and wash the sheets, because…well…we smell.

Hopefully by Christmas the end of the week, I’ll have some ‘after’ photos.  Prayerfully by tonight, I will be able to shower.

Your smelly friend,



  1. says

    At least you still have your health! : ) And apparently your sense of humor. And your marriage is still intact–at least for the moment. It is amazing how holidays and company can motivate! Since we completely renovated our last house, when we moved I made my husband promise to wait 6 months before he did anything. He hated the stark white wall, but I was willing to live with them just so we weren’t in the middle of some sort of home improvement for a while!

  2. says

    Nothing like company motivation to make you lose your mind! I have lived through this trauma myself. Multiple times.

    FringeMan looks so cute, he is in his glory!

  3. says

    We are more than motivated by house guests as well – it’s amazing how well they motivate, in fact! I look forward to and even plan parties with house guests to create timelines for us to stick to. Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom!

  4. Grandma says

    S0mething about bathrooms and you. In Maine, you had a sheet for a door for the longest time. Now, you have THIS!!!

  5. says

    FringeMan is king of the shower! Honestly, though, I think we’re living parallel lives. ;) Our shower is being torn out again! Hope you got cleaned up! ;)

  6. Jenn says

    That is such a familiar look for FringeMan, installing a shower (or shower/bathtub or anything else) with the grin! So, how is the shower?

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