Decorating With Kid Art

I keep waiting for one of the big style blogs to do a post on Decorating With Dust, because I seem to have mastered this art form; however, I’ll need to wait for dust to become a fad before I get featured.  So instead of dust, I’ll show you how I’ve decorated with some of my children’s art.

I’ll warn you in advance that the photos are terrible.  Since summer came to the fringe, I’ve been awake much more than I’ve been asleep, so my brain retains its’ morning fog long into the afternoon.  The bright side is that for an hour each afternoon the saintly librarians in town are doing a craft project with the kids.  I know librarians get a bad rap, because they are always shushing people, but I’ll trade a lifetime of loud voices for an hour of reading in peace.  I officially love my librarian and that’s saying something considering my history with New York State libraries .

Here are some tips for decorating with your kid’s art.

* Layer their artwork into your already decorated spaces.

There is a clay owl hanging on the wall alongside the book shelf and my daughter’s water-color painting.  I’ve obviously ingrained the colors I love into my kid’s heads, because almost everything they create includes my favorite colors.  There are definite benefits to brainwashing your children.

Some of your children’s art may not have enough presence to stand alone on your wall, but when combined with your regular decorations, it can bring a personal touch to your spaces.

* Think off the wall when placing your children’s art.

Notice the dust the weaved, painted piece hanging on the back of our TV stand.  We repurposed the hutch that FringeMan made me for Christmas and turned it into a TV stand.  It’s the perfect size for the tall ceilings in our living room and we already had it, making it good for our wallets.  FringeBoy also weaved me a potholder that when placed under a simple milk-glass urn, brings life to a dull and dark area.  Obviously my kids get their weaving ability from their mom.  Let’s just hope we don’t go back to weaving more scarves this winter!

* Using your children’s art saves money.I am on the lookout for a large, chunky frame that I can paint and hang around FringeBoy’s mixed media tree art.  It will give it enough bulk to stand alone on this section of wall, besides I think it’s really quite good.

My daughter created a great piece of mixed-media art that I hung in our entryway.  The man is trying to reach the moon, but it reminds me of Jacob’s Ladder.  If I didn’t use my children’s art in these spaces than I would be purchasing other people’s art to fill the void.

* Decorating with your children’s art builds confidence in your kids.

If they realize their art is worthy of your wall, they’ll be motivated to create other masterpieces and to do them well.

* Children’s art adds warmth to your personal spaces.

Your child may not be the next Picasso, but they’ve poured their heart and soul into their creations.  You’ve gotta love that!

* Grouping their art creates feature walls.

I wish I had a photo to demonstrate, but since I am not done painting my staircase, I haven’t created a feature wall yet.  I do fully intend to use the wall going up my staircase to group more great art.  Cheap yard-sale frames can be used to help the art stand out and you can easily update the pictures as they are created throughout the year.

So that’s how I decorate with kid art.  Do you use your children’s artwork in your home?

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  1. noelle hines says

    I’m right there with you, my kid’s artwork is exquisite and definately worth of display…only I took it a step further.
    I’d run across a canvas printing company who gave away free 8×10′s to first time customers – thought to myself, “self, you really ought to take advantage of that.”
    Needless to say, I completely forgot about it until I ran out of room on the fridge to display my son’s newest masterpiece.
    Long story short, I now have canvas giclee prints gracing my son’s room, the family room, and the play room, of his own artwork. Not only does it look very very nice (like real bonafide art mind you!) but now I don’t have to worry about the originals getting torn, stained, worn out etc..
    Plus the canvas prints have a life span of around 150 to 200 years. I can’t wait to pass these down to him when he has his own family!
    oh the company I’ve been using is They are so awesome. They literally called me and recommended I change the size of my print to avoid cropping – and didnt even charge me extra to upgrade it by an inch.

    Noelle Hines

  2. says

    Haven’t been by for a while, love the changes and catching up. Where I am the dust is part of our lifestyle like it or not. Maybe I can incorporate it into my art…haha. I have started framing all of my granddaughter’s favorite pieces and dedicated a wall so she can have her own gallery, she helps pick out the frames at yard sales and flea markets, she loves it and spends time every time she comes for a visit changing out pieces and rearranging her art.

  3. says

    Your kids do have your good eye for color. I don’t use my boys’ art, mostly because it’s pencil or pen drawings of superheroes, tanks and guns big enough to take down a brigade with one bullet. They’re quite good, but they don’t match my theme.

  4. says

    Your kids are really talented. I love their artwork, and the way you’ve displayed it! We used to have the kid’s art up around the house, but it’s gradually disappeared over the years. Now I wish I didn’t let that happen.

    We have a theme wall with family pictures – photos and portraits by my grandmother, who was an artist. I love looking at them. People can’t believe my husband was so blond as a baby.

  5. says

    Lovely art! Your kids are creative geniuses. They really are. And to think you brainwashed your favourite colours into their dear little heads. Daughter #1 is the creative force in our family. She once did a full sized portrait of Veronica’s dad. (Archie and Veronica). Her dad proudly put it into an antique frame and told people he was an ancestor of ours. ;)

  6. says

    Add some track lighting and I would swear I was at the MOMA. Your kids are gonna be the best parents someday by the daily example you set of what a loving parent is. Kudos to you and your little Rembrandts!
    P.S. I love D.J.’s comment!
    P.P.S. My son once drew a full family portrait (life sized no less) on the hall way wall. I left it there for years!
    P.P.S. I think it is Jacob’s ladder…21st century style.

  7. says

    Love all the art (and your decorating)! Right now, all my son’s art goes on the wall next to my desk which is located in our basement. I have this dark little corner that is brightened up by some very creatively colored pictures of Thomas The Tank Engine, Tulip Twinkle My Little Pony, and some pieces where he was experimenting with glue.

    PS Been thinking of you a lot since reading your blog the other day about your visit with your son’s doctor. I still need to comment there… although I don’t think slapping him up side the head is worthy advice although it’s all I had to offer.

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