Did you miss me?

My computer was released from the hospital tonight and I’m throwing a party!  I never realized just how much we all used my computer until we lost it for two weeks.

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s been going on around here.  Ok, you probably didn’t even notice I was gone, but don’t tell me that.  I may feel bad.

Not much has happened around here.

I gave FringeBoy twenty bucks to go buy a rocket yesterday, because it is his goal for the eleventh year of his life to build and shoot off a rocket.  Who am I to stand in the way of space exploration?

He and his friend with a matching flannel jacket took off to a boy’s model shop/toy store in town.  They ran the entire way past the school, the library, the police station, a pizza place, and a salon.  The arrived with red cheeks and frostbitten fingers only to be told they cannot buy a rocket until they are eighteen.

Mr. Storekeeper,

I wouldn’t sell two runny nosed boys with eleven hundred freckles between them a rocket either, but you’ve gotta help me.  I realize rockets can be misconstrued as weapons; however, these boys turn everything into weapons.  Have you seen the way they’ve been throwing ice-balls for the past three months?  Please don’t ask our neighbor about the baseball turned weapon last summer.

Here’s my problem.  If my kid can’t be kept busy blowing up rockets, he’s going to blow up my house, accidentally of course.  Just last night my husband came up the stairs to ask me if I knew what my son was up to.  Turns out he was mixing household products to create an organic homegrown acid that will burn through concrete.  Sadly my maternal radar didn’t pick up an ‘acid alert’.

He needs that rocket or no concrete sidewalk in town will be safe.  I’m going to come down myself and buy it, but I won’t run.  We’ll have a launch party Saturday afternoon right after we shovel the foot of fresh snow predicted to fall.

You’re welcome to come.

Warmly (actually quite coldly),

Your neighbor with the rocket boy.

While FringeBoy has been up to his elbows in concrete eating acid, FringeMan has taken to wearing 3-D Buddy Holly glasses while he’s driving.  The snow glare has been fierce in those in those three minutes a day the sun is out.  He about jumped out of his new shades this afternoon when an oversized yellow plow truck came from all three dimensions and into his eyes.  He’s getting quite the thrill from his new glasses.

FringeGirl made the papers once again.  This time with her doll, Molly.  That girl cannot be kept out of the line of a flash.

And me, well I’m being me, the wash woman.

I’m certainly glad to be back in blogland, but I need a favor from you all.  My bookmarks ran away and took your blogs with them.  Please leave me your url in the comments section so I can once again bookmark you.


Have a Happy Weekend.


  1. Welcome back! And good luck with that acid-burning, rocket-blasting boy of yours…

  2. I really did miss you! In fact, I had a week of silence on my own blog out of respect for you. Actually, I just didn’t have a chance to blog at all (and I was in the middle of a story too!) but it sounds better this way. : ) As for the rocket, Hello! Have you never watched Toy Story?!?! How is the storekeeper supposed to know that FringeBoy is not Sid incarnate?! : )


  3. Missed your funny posts! I am going to save this post as a reminder of what I have to look forward to as Baby gets older: acid, rockets, and uncanny creativity :)


  4. Welcome Back to Bloglandia! It’s just not the same without you!!!


  5. Okay I’m going to try this again. Yes I did miss you and I’m so glad to have you back in blog land! http://www.thecharmingtyrant.blogspot.com/

  6. WOO HOO, back on line!!!
    That FringeBoy is going to do something BIG, let’s hope it’s legal!!!


  7. Yes, I missed you. I was just thinking about sending you an e-mail to see if all was well. So glad to have you back in blog land. http://www.thecharmingtyrant.blogspot.com/

  8. Welcome back! You have been missed. http://tckk.blogspot.com

  9. Yes! I did miss you!
    I did a make-up post for you. I think the blog post is called “this one’s for you” .

  10. Welcome back!
    I missed you! I really missed you.
    My son went through a rocket phase; it’s lots of fun to blast off. . .just watch where he aims them!
    Will you share the photo of Fringekid with us?


  11. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Welcome back to blogville!


  12. Welcome Back! Will the house still be standing on my next visit this spring, or will FringeBoy and his friend have used the homegrown acid on it? What’s up with the FringeKid and the papers? You never mentioned this today when we spoke.

  13. Well, I’m so glad you’re back! Have you and FringeBoy watched October Sky? All about boys building rockets. Laura put up a video on eyeliner application just for you. It’s been really quiet without you! :)

    • Yes, we did watch October Sky. Just the other night in fact! Great family movie. I have Laura’s video uploading right now. Sadly, my computer is still slow about videos. I think it’s days are numbered.

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