DIY: Balloon Wreath

DIY Birthday Balloon Wreath

A wise woman knows when to step away from the glue gun and abandon the craft scissors.  She recognizes when she’s been outsmarted by D.I.Y.

I never claimed to be smart.

ballon wreath close-up

Besides, it was my daughter’s eleventh birthday and she’s over the moon for crazy colors and zebra stripes.

Unfortunately I began this wreath the night before her birthday.  It was two days after Christmas and snowing like crazy; however, I loved this wreath the minute I saw this photo on Pinterest.

I knew I had to make it.

balloon wreath over bed

Here’s what you’ll need to make a balloon wreath of your own.

  • A foam circle (they probably call them wreath forms)
  • 3 packages of balloons (72 balloons per package)
  • U-shaped floral pins from the floral arranging section of the craft store
  • Wooden or Foam letter of choice (plus whatever paint or embellishments you want to use on your letter)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any u-shaped floral pins at Wally World and the nearest craft store is about thirty-five minutes away.  Did I mention there was a snow storm going on?  It was dumb enough that I ventured out to Walmart; I couldn’t go all the way to Hobby Lobby.

So I made do with what I had.  Yes, I can be fiercely determined when I want to be.  It’s not always a good quality.

At first I attempted to hot glue the balloons to the foam wreath form, but the balloon wouldn’t stick.  Go figure.

Then I found a box of paper clips and enlisted my son in the army of Fringe Family Craft Wars.  I had him open the paper clips and use a pair of pliers to cut the metal so I had two perfect “U’s” from each paper clip.

This was a bad idea.

Balloons fall off if you touch the wreath, because the metal clips aren’t long enough to go deep enough into the foam, but once it got on the wall, we’ve had no problems.

Consider this war won.

Simply put a balloon into the paper clip “u” and insert the clip into the styrofoam.  Repeat three hundred times.

balloon wreath with zebra print letter A

I kinda love it, and I’m just crazy enough to attempt another one of these balloon wreaths one day, but only with the proper floral hooks.  I’m all out of paper clips anyhow.

What do you think?  Would you ever attempt a balloon wreath?

lollipop birthday cupcake yellow & blue

The wreath kinda matches the cupcakes I made for her birthday party in school.  Doesn’t it?

Annaliese Eleven

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balloon wreath



  1. says

    The wreath is super cute! Would dollar store Bobby pins work? They might be easier to find for your next endeavor.
    The look On your daughter’s face totally says “watch out, I’m almost a teenager!”

  2. abozza says

    That’s really a great wreath! Glue guns and I don’t mix, however, and I fear for the fact that my kids might wind up heading to school with balloons permanently attached to their ears or the back of their knees if ever I picked up those two items together. However, I’ll live vicariously through you and say that I LOVE it! :)

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