DIY: Hand-Painted Linens

Ever since I saw Emma and Elsie paint napkins on A Beautiful Mess, I’ve been itching to try my hand at painting linens.

It takes me some time to get around to things, but the other morning, I woke up feeling crafty.  I think it was the sunshine and the slightly warmer temps, because I zipped up my sweatshirt, threw on a pair of flip-flops and headed out in search of DIY supplies.

My time to paint linens had finally arrived.

Hand-Painted Linens DIY

I think I found what I was born to do.  While that may be a tad dramatic, I think napkin artists err on the side of drama.  Don’t they?

This is so much fun!

I may have gotten a little carried away, because now we have a startling amount of freshly painted, unmatched napkins, or towels.  I used bar mops, so they are pretty big and can be used as fancy napkins, decorative kitchen towels, or even a square table linen.

Hand Painted Linens - DIY

Anyone can do this project.  You don’t even have to be super crafty.

I used old cookie cutters, a small soda bottle, a cut up sponge, and one cheap stamp to make these.  Then I just filled in a few details with a paint brush.

You’ll need…

  • Craft paint
  • A fabric paint medium
  • stamps or other household items you can use as stamps
  • a paint brush (maybe, maybe not)
  • Cloth napkins or towels (I used 100% cotton)

Hand Painted Linens DIY

Below are they types of products you will need to complete this project. There are many brands of fabric medium. I’m sure they are all pretty similar, but follow the directions on the bottle. Mine call for a 1:1 paint/fabric medium mix.

After the painting was done,  I let my linens dry and then set the paint with an iron.  After that, I threw them in the dryer for thirty minutes.  These instructions were on my bottle of fabric medium, so adjust according to the instructions on your brand.

Hand Painted Linens - DIY

I’m totally gonna be the girl with a thousand miss-matched linens.  I’m officially in love.

If you ever run out of napkins, come steal one from my collection.

Hand painted linens - a DIY project

So, what do you think?

Would you try a project like this??

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  1. says

    Very cute idea! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  2. Rebecca says

    I already have the bar mops- I wondered what to do with them, since they are thinner and larger than they looked in the package. Now I know! Can’t wait to get started! Thanks!

  3. Mom says

    Love them. They will brighten up the table and the mismatch look is great. Everyone will know which napkin is theirs.

  4. says

    So cooool! I think the mis-matched-ness just adds cuteness. And hanging them under that white shelf…. Inspired!

    Umm…. do you think they’re washable?

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