DIY Home Office Transformation

DIY Home Office TransformationI am beside myself.  To say I love this space is like saying chocolate is just ok.  What?  Make that stuff liquid and pour it in my veins.  Chocolate is my life-blood.

That’s how I feel about this space.  I am head-over-heels in love – to the moon and back – beyond a shadow of a doubt.  I love it!!!

At least half of you are shaking your heads and lamenting over my bad taste.  I get that.  It’s ok.  We can still be friends, even if you hate my taste.

Home Office Transformation

I told my husband I was going to unleash the full force of my wacky-tacky style on this room.  I wasn’t joking.

He came home late one night, after I was already in bed and nearly asleep.  He slipped in and said, “Triangles, huh?”

How did he even notice them in the dark?

Let’s talk about the triangles for a moment.

All you perfectionist/OCD types out there just developed a tick looking at my triangles.  I went with the random look, because there was no way I was measuring and marking and calculating until each triangle was perfectly symmetrical.  It would make me break out in hives and hyperventilate.  I’m not really into measuring.  Turns out I didn’t get any of the perfectionist genes in my family, not a one.  Nope.  My brother got them all and he uses them well.  Me, I’m on board with random.  It makes my brain peaceful.

Placemeant of wall decals from

These triangles are wall decals from  If you haven’t checked them out, you must.  It’s a new totally rad company.  I worry they might take offense to me calling them “totally rad” (because let’s face it, nobody’s said that since 1982), but CozyWallArt people, I mean it in a wonderful way.  You rock!

It’s not only their company I love, but it’s them, the people who run the company.  They are all kinds of helpful and in my package, they sent me a little gift pouch with lollipops and a flower decal.   It was such a sweet personal touch.

So, I used painter’s tape to put up the triangles.  I didn’t want giant glaring white patches.

I want to triangle my entire house, except I might want to use some gold polka-dots too.  My husband should worry.

Home Office Transformation

I stopped the triangles on top of the window, because I promised my son he could hang some Legend of Zelda posters.  This is half a playroom, after all.  Yes, I have lost my mind.  Why do you ask?

I’m mixing business and kid pleasure all in the same room.

That’s his ancient television and “vintage” Nintendo.  He keeps the controllers and games in the basket that he found in the trash while walking home from school one day.  He hauled it home, because he thought it would be “perfect”.

I feel a little guilty he got the junking gene.

DIY Home Office Transformation - Gallery Wall

My desk is never that clean in case you were wondering.  It’s usually a functional mess.  My filing system lacks….oh, probably it lacks a system most of all.  See previous talk on the lack of a perfectionist gene.

Ok, this gallery wall speaks to my heart.  Kinda like chocolate.

It’s a mixture of pictures I took, kid art, and a sheep painting I found at a local arts & crafts fair.

I stole frames from all over the house in order to get this wall done.  The rest of my rooms are naked.  I have to cover my eyes when walking through them, but it was worth every stolen frame.

DIY Home Office Transformation - Gallery Wall

I’m delighted my daughter was a scarecrow for Halloween, because a zombie would have looked terrible on my wall.

I had this Instagram picture turned into a canvas.

DIY Home Office Transformation - Gallery Wall

I spray painted a pair of antlers.  Some questioned my sanity regarding this decision, but I stand by my instincts – love the gold.

DIY Home Office Transformation - Gallery Wall

My kids think I’ve got a farm theme going on – sheep, crazy chicken, antlers, and even frogs.

DIY Home Office Transformation - Gallery Wall

This sign is one of my favorites!  I created it in PicMonkey and printed it out at home.  I have seen this saying on a blog or maybe Pinterest before, but I couldn’t find the original, so I just made it myself.

We had the horseshoe in the house.  We always seem to buy houses with an abundance of horse shoes inside and outside.  Don’t ask.

DIY Home Office Transformation - Gallery Wall

Here’s the elephant, because our pretend farm has an international flare.

I’ve had this do-dad for years and love it.

DIY Home Office Transformation - Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall - A fun, modern, graphic collection

Eventually I want a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall, but it will take me a little more time to finish collecting pieces.  I couldn’t wait till it was done before I showed you.

DIY Home Office Transformation

This next photo shows the wall on the other side.  If I can ever find some white chalk, my son already has plans for some big anime style drawings.

Home office transformation - chalkboard wallThese little acrobats are my all-time favorite yard-sale find.  I can’t help but love them.

vintage wooden acrobats

So what do you guys think?

Do you love my new and improved home office?


And, because everyone loves a good before and after…

before & after  - Bedroom to home office

And, if on the off-chance you haven’t seen my desk DIY, please go on over and check out the flower pattern I painted on the top, but then come back and admire my triangles one more time.  Okay.

I’m going to get myself a chocolate bar, park myself in this room and sit.  Sounds like a plan, right?  Only, I should probably trade in the chocolate for carrots or something slightly more healthy.


new signature** gifted me the triangle decals to use in my space. All thoughts and opinions on them and their products are my own. Check them out!  You’ll like them too.

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  1. LeAnn Huntington says

    Hi Tricia, don’t know if you remember me or not but I used to have a blog….I sent you some random stuff one time, pillows, etc. anyway I love this post and I love your space. It’s so Dominoish. For years I struggled with finding my style, copied other people’s cuz I couldn’t figure it out. Like you I love many styles. I have mid century modern, cottage and rustic chic, now that’s a combination, eh? I love clean lines but I love whimsical too. Oh and one more thing, I love color!!! So I say all of this because your post nailed me too. Do what u love and it will truly be your one of a kind style.

    LeAnn Huntington

  2. says

    You did such an amazing job- I love all the ‘imperfections’ and the random nature of parts of your design. I think that is what makes it all work so perfectly!! Love the triangles, the gallery wall, the desk, the chalkboard wall… everything Tricia! Such an awesome space!! I love this so much I’m featuring you tomorrow at Work it Wednesday- hop by in the morning to grab your button if you have the chance:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    ~Krista from the happy housie

  3. says

    Wow, way to go!! YOU are my She-ro!! I love everything about your new space. That sign is on Etsy and you did an amazing job yourself with it. Enjoy your space and thanks for the inspiration.

  4. says

    I actually loved the triangles when I first saw them! I’m all for unique and different! The whole room looks fabulous, one of a kind…I can appreciate that:)
    Found your awesome blog in Work It Wednesday and started following via bloglovin..would love if you could visit my blog sometime :)

  5. says

    Oh this room is so awesome. I laughed when you said your husband slipped into bed and said triangles huh? That’s so like my husband. They just dont understand. I am lucky enough to have a special Lesley room also. And can not wait to decorate it. I have been inspired to at least get some ideas going in my head.
    I love that your boy can junk. I remember when my son was small and he brought home two red drawers doors because he knew I would love them. He was right. Cheers.

  6. says

    Love your new room! Isn’t it wonderful to have a space of your own?
    And even though I have some perfectionist genes, i wouldn’t have measured the triangles either. How do you measure triangles? Twice? Three times? And now you have a reminder of the Trinity on your wall!
    Hey I’ve got a horseshoe, too…

  7. says

    It may not be for everyone, but it suits you and that makes it awesome! I love the gold antlers by the way. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

  8. Kori says

    I love every last little bit of your whole room! The triangles are genius (I betcha they start showing up all over now) and although I’m big on symmetry, I actually really like that they aren’t because they’re symmetrical on their own.

    Also, I love that your son scoped out the perfect basket for his stuff. Awesome!

  9. Natasha says

    My first thought was whats up with the triangles lol thank you for the explanation. And then it was oh good they’re just decals. Not sure how I feel about them triangles, I mean this is the first time I see someone plaster their wall with triangles. On the other hand I am completely in love with the abundance of color, the room looks alive.

    • says

      Mariah, I think white walls get a bad rap. They are extremely versatile and everything pops against them. Plus, it’s easy to change things up when you get bored with your pictures and pillows. You know?

      Why wait for the next house? It’s just paint. ;-)

  10. Karen says

    I wish I had your knack for decorating with odds and ends and photos printed off of the internet. We have peeling wallpaper, Ukrainian dolls and eggs, and a few other photos scattered around. I love your white floor too. We have two old wood floors that were probably inspired before the Cold War ended. I wonder if I could paint them white too?
    Enjoy your office/play room!

    • says

      Karen, if you’re serious about your white floors, let me give you some tips. Put lots and lots of poly on top of them…the water-based kind so they won’t yellow. Mine are just straight paint. Up here, they are passable with a few retouches, but downstairs my white floor is chaos. Either way, sealing the paint is definitely the way to go.

  11. says

    I absolutely love it!!! Not something I’d choose for my house, but I think it fits your family perfectly. And, I love that bold, adventurous move you made just in doing it.

    I love gallery walls. One of these days I’m gonna have one, once I collect enough “stuff” to keep it from looking wimpy!

    • says

      Jennifer, I grew up with that saying too. I think that’s why I liked it enough to hang it on my wall…it seemed the right thing to do. Besides, when my kids interrupt me, I’ll just point to the sign. ;-)

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