DIY Shower Cap

Cute couple from The Domestic FringeThis morning, I showered with a bag on my head.

Too much information?

Not only does my husband go get my thigh busting videos from the library, but he also gets me a shower-caps at eleven o’clock at night.

Only, there’s not a shower cap to be found in my town at that time of night.  Neither is there a head of lettuce to be  found.  FringeMan was totally of luck.  While I admire his healthy food choices, I ate ice-cream.

I went to sleep at five o’clock last night.  The seniors were still eating their early bird dinners and I was snoring.  Five hours later, I woke needing something to eat.  My husband just finished a lovely speech on the horror of white carbs, so I reached for the chocolate ice-cream.  He came in and found me sitting with a bowl on my lap. He looked horrified.

At. Ice-Cream.

Can you imagine?

Pigs flew.

I looked up and said, “What?  It’s not white!”

That’s when he left the house in search of lettuce.  I think they should just make a new flavor of ice-cream called Ceasar-Salad and call it healthy.  End of story.

Nothing is open in our town at eleven, except the gas station.  This is no ordinary gas station.  It’s got everything from rotting lettuce to chocolate sauce.  Believe me, I’ve tried the chocolate sauce and it’s wonderful.  The only thing they don’t have are shower caps.

There’s this guy who works nights at the gas station.  I declared him the nicest guy in town right after I sold him a lamp I plucked from the trash.  Some meetings on Craigslist result in friendship and not death.  It’s basically a flip of the coin.

The nice-guy from the gas station felt bad about them not having a shower cap, so he gave my husband two bags – large and small.  Obviously, he’s seen my hair on humid days.

They have good bags though, not like the Wally World sheer bags.  These bags are opaque and worked like a charm.

So thank you nice guy at the gas-station who is prepared for any customer request, and thank you FringeMan.  You’ll go to the ends of the earth for me, or at least to the end of town.

Today, I think I’ll go buy a proper shower cap, but I dried the large bag just in case I need it tomorrow morning.  A girl should always be prepared.


Warning:  Putting plastic bags over your head may result in sudden death.  Tie the bag somewhere above your nose.  You can never be too safe.

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  1. says

    you kill me!
    ps, don’t tell hubby that my supper is ‘cheesey bread’ that I’m eating at 10pm…now I might have icecream for dessert :)

  2. says

    Oh my gosh! I have many times wished I had a shower cap (never think to buy one when I’m out), and have not once thought to use a plastic bag. I have scads of them! Ingenious. Thanks, FG!

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