Doing the Happy Dance

Today I’m doing the happy dance, because I’m finally back online!

We lost our internet connection for about a week and a half.  After a dozen phone calls to India, a new modem, and a few visits from the Verizon line guy, our problem was resolved.  Turns out it was a problem at the main site in Rhode Island.  Go figure.  The help desk guy in India never would have guessed my problems began and ended in Rhode Island.

I know I missed tons of great stuff while I was gone.  Deb from Loyalist Cottage had a new grandbaby, Edie from Life in Grace moved into her gorgeous new house…looks like pages torn from a magazine, Sarah from Life in the Parsonage followed her dreams and very bravely bought new white slipcovers, and I…now what did I really do without the internet?

Truth is I did too many things to remember.  When I’m not blogging and wasting time on Pinterest, or Pin-Terrorist as FringeMan lovingly refers to it, I’m put to work on house projects.  These projects always include painting and running up and down the stairs four hundred thousand times for a screw gun, or a nail, or a hammer, or a vacuum…you get the idea.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more happy, but until then, please fill me in what I’ve missed in blogland.

Now please take a moment and join me in doing the Dance of Joy.

Thank You.


  1. Glad you’re back! I didn’t even know you were gone–as I am just back from three weeks minus internet and email access. I can’t complain too much though–I was in Scotland.

    Now I’m wading through hundreds of email. Ever want to mark “all read”?

  2. Well, I won the Nobel Prize, climbed Mount Kilamanjaro, and cured cancer. That was Monday…

    Glad you’re back! ;)

  3. the dance of joy makes me smile…right in my heart! So glad you posted that and reminded me of it!
    Glad you’re back online! My new nephew is fabulous!

  4. Missed you, and I love the dance of joy! We’ve done it frequently in our house too. : )

  5. I’m so glad you’re back. My new baby is doing great. :)

  6. I’m happy you’re back, but will have to refrain from dancing. Torn rotator cuff + surgery = no tango.

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